The Worst Couples of 2018

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Welcome to worst couples 2018, a list documenting the biggest relationship fails of the year. These aren't your typical annoying twosomes; you won't find any stories of excessive PDA or cooing nicknames here. Nope, these are some of the worst couples ever, who have committed some morally bankrupt deeds this year. These aren't just bad couples – these pairs are downright terrifying.

Which pairs represent the worst couples and worst marriages of 2018? While there are many atrocious people in the world, only two can reach the top spot in this category. Vote up the worst couples of the year below.

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    They Vandalized A Memorial For Shooting Victims At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

    After a mass shooter killed 17 students on campus, survivors put up a small memorial at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The memorial included a banner featuring a rifle with a red circle and slash mark covering it. Mementos like teddy bears and poems surrounded the banner. On March 25, 2018, one couple - Michael Kennedy and Kara O'Neil - vandalized the memorial. Witnesses saw the pair ripping down the banner and tearing down items like crosses and other tokens of grief. When police investigated, they found several stolen items from the memorial in the backseat of the couple's Cadillac: framed poems, lawn ornaments, a first place trophy, American flags, framed poems, and a red stone with the phrase "Never Again" written on it. 

    Upon arrest, the couple admitted to attacking the banner. O'Neil openly stated, "I ripped down the anti-gun banner because I am pro-gun." However, the pair claimed the items in their trunk were not stolen. They instead insisted they brought the items with them to create an alternative banner. Police also discovered a half empty bottle of vodka in the trunk, indicating the crimes may have been alcohol related. During their initial hearing, the judge set a $1,000 bond for the pair and ordered them to stay away from the high school in the future. 


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    They Convinced Their Son He Was Dying Of Cancer To Make Money From Donations

    Police arrested a couple on in Fort Walton Beach, FL, on February 1, regarding a highly disturbing case of fraud. The couple told their 13-year-old son that he was dying of brain cancer, allowing him to believe this for eight months. During this time period, the couple profited from the fraudulent claims. 

    Ginny Irovando Long and her husband Robert Edward Long set up a t-shirt fund for their child at his school and created a Go Fund Me page to solicit donations. They also frequently posted about their son's condition on their personal Facebook page. On December 28, 2017, for example, they claimed it was a miracle the child lived past Christmas.

    When police talked to Ginny and Robert's son, he seemed to have legitimately believed he was dying of cancer. He said parents told him about the diagnosis in May of 2017. The couple now face one count of child abuse and nine counts of fraud.

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    They Left Their Autistic Son Alone Outside A Bar So They Could Watch The Super Bowl

    Robert and Kristal Valenti were arrested on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, after leaving their six-year-old outside a bar alone. The Florida couple sat inside rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, while their son – diagnosed as autistic – sat in the car alone. He was supposedly watching YouTube videos as entertainment. 

    What's more, the couple seemed totally oblivious to any wrongdoing. After police arrived on scene, Kristal greeted a deputy with a fist bump and began chatting about the Eagles. She seemed unconcerned with the complaints of neglect, claiming she had been checking on her son periodically. She also excused her actions by saying she only did it because it was Super Bowl Sunday and she really wanted to cheer on the Eagles. She later defended her actions as "not abuse."

    Police arrested the couple. They are expected to face charges of child neglect for their actions.

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