15 People Reveal The Worst Co-Workers They Ever Had To Prepare You For Trouble

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Workers of the world: vote up the worst co-workers you'd hate to deal with.

We all know that jobs aren't always what they're cracked up to be. And co-workers can end up being great friends, or a reason to quit.

These nightmare co-worker stories might help prepare you for the latter. To know what to expect from co-workers, keep reading!

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    She Wasn't Happy With Her Free Coffee And Cried About Her 'Rude' Co-Worker

    From Redditor u/pexandapixie:

    I brought in coffee for the office once (on my dime, very small office, only four people), and a co-worker took a sip of her coffee and said, "Next time, I want _____ flavor instead of this crap." To which I responded, "Well, next time you can buy it yourself." She then burst into tears and ran out of the room, [only to] come back later and yell at me for how rude I was. I just laughed at her.

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    He Asked The Same Questions Over And Over

    From a former Redditor:

    Standard conversation with the project manager every morning at this IT company I worked with a while back before I quit.

    Him: "Okay, what needs to be done today?"

    Me: "I'm focusing on A and B."

    Him: "Okay, the client is asking about C, could you have a look at that?"

    Me: "Yes, I know, but A and B needs to be done before I can start at C."

    Him: "How long do you expect it will take until C is done?"

    Me: "I don't know; it's hard to tell at this stage. A and B will take two hours anyway; I'll know when that's done. "

    Him: "But how long time will it take?"

    Me: "I don't know, we'll see when A and B is done in two hours."

    Him: "How long?"

    Me: "I don't know..."

    (Repeat every possible variation of the last two points)

    Him: "Ahaaa I see, so how long will A and B take?"


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    His Whole Job Was To Wash Dishes And He Never Wanted To

    From Redditor u/Cook94j:

    F*cking Josh.

    So, this summer I had a job at a retreat organization as a dish washer in the kitchen. The dish room would get pretty intense during meal time since we would have 200 people dropping off dirty dishes at the same time.

    We would have three dishwashers during this time: one to sort, one to wash, and... one to put up the dishes. F*cking Josh would make sure that he was busy sweeping or doing some other pointless activity during this time, making everyone else work harder.

    On one occasion, Josh had worked the morning shift, and me and two other dishwashers were coming in for the next shift. F*cking Josh still had four hours of work left, but saw his "relief" coming in and decided to sweep the floor (which is only necessary at the end of the day). So we had four dishwashers clocked in, but two were immediately pulled aside to work on something else, leaving me to do the dishes that Josh left.

    At this point, I was tired of Josh's bullsh*t and confronted him. I asked him to help, but he said he was busy sweeping, and that he had been doing dishes all day. I congratulated him on doing his actual job for part of the day, but told him that he wasn't through. I walked off and eventually Josh came to finish up his dishes, which I was glad to help with.

    F*ck Josh.

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    A 'Senior Artist' Produced Terrible Work And Took Credit For Things He Didn't Do

    From a former Redditor:

    I work in visual effects, and we had a guy manage to bullsh*t his way into a job with us as a senior artist. The guy was terrible. He hardly ever went home, took advantage of the free meals and taxis for evening workers, produced crap work that ate up disk space and resources, would order the runners around, and generally act as though he was the most important guy in the place. We took a second look at his resume and realized that no one had been willing to hold on to the guy for more than a month or so, which explains why he had a huge list of great companies that he'd worked for. After he was fired, he'd add projects that he hadn't even worked on to his resume as a senior artist on those projects, just because they happen to have been made in the same building.

    The moral of the story; unless it's the kind of contract work where it's normal, if someone has worked at six companies in the past 12 months, ask more questions...

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    He Was Creepy And Kept Trying To Give Unsolicited Relationship Advice

    From Redditor u/only_in_vowels:

    My first job was as a caterer, and one of the cooks was this middle-aged guy who always tried to give me relationship advice and invite me over to his apartment. Another girl actually quit because he wouldn't quit bothering her.

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    He Took Naps After Lunch And Had No Idea How To Do His Work

    From Redditor u/larsy87:

    We had a guy who would come in two to three hours late every day, sleep after lunch, answer his phone quite loudly, fart with reckless abandon.

    He also didn't know how to do his work, and the rest of the staff had to pick up his slack... then correct his mistakes shortly after.

    We all share a large room for an office, and since he would always read our IMs on screen, we had to create a pseudonym for him so he wouldn't realize we were talking about him.

    He was not offered an extension on his contract when it came time for renewal.