15 Travelers Share Their Worst Cruise Ship Experiences So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Travelers and cruise lovers: vote up the stories that would have you jumping ship.

Have you been considering hopping on a cruise? It can be a tempting vacation, but these terrible cruise experiences may just change your mind. If not, at least read these cruise ship stories so you know what to expect the next time you board. Check them out and vote up the ones you don't want to repeat.

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    Heard Music All Day And Night From Their Room

    From Redditor u/JoeSchmo8677:

    Had a promenade view room on the mariner of the seas. Outside our windows were speakers that piped the music into the promenade. From our room, all we could hear all day and night was the thump of the bass. Couldn’t sleep. Awful. Never get a promenade view room.

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    Crew Member Quit And Tried To Swim Home

    From Redditor u/Puzzleheaded_Job835:

    Cruise down in Australia, one of the crews who were from one of the Pacific islands decided to quit as the ship was leaving his home island. Jumped overboard to swim home (literally). The problem was it was about a mile away when he jumped. He had to be rescued.

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    Watched Someone Get Sick In The Lunch Line

    From Redditor u/Aprilismissing:

    Only been on one cruise. We boarded, went up to Lido to find some lunch. While waiting in line for a burger at Guy's, a chick barfs straight onto the toppings bar right in front of us. We decided to skip lunch. We were still docked too so it's not like she was seasick. Probably too much pre-gaming.

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    A Disney Cruise Scarred A Child

    From Redditor u/loveallmyrolls:

    I was on the Disney Cruise ship for the first time ever.. They call us out of our rooms to do the whole safety talk and they decide to go into detail about how fast you would perish if the ship sunk. And I'm over here crying cuz I don't wanna perish. Then they send us off to Disney shows and food.

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    Didn't Have A Working Toilet For Four Days

    From Redditor u/elp22203:

    Norwegian Cruise to Bermuda. Our stateroom toilet did not work for the first four days of the cruise. They told us a working toilet was not an expectation and sent us a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. We still laugh about that! Not an expectation? And somehow strawberries were going to make it all better?

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    A Chatty Couple Got Distracted And Went Missing

    From Redditor u/qpgmr:

    This excessively chatty couple was on the zipline/jungle hike excursion in Costa Rica - they were really pretty annoying. We all finished the course back at the business and were chilling out with cool drinks waiting for the bus to take us into town for a couple of hours of touring. The bus came and we all piled on and discovered we were short two passengers. The local guide was freaking out and finally starting matching up waivers to people and discovered a chatty couple was missing.

    All the locals in the business nearby went on a massive search for them. We ended up sitting there for three hours while this was going on and the guide was terrified she'd lose another one so we couldn't get off the bus.

    She finally called the port and was told to just come back immediately, there was only about an hour before final check-in.

    We raced back, never slowing down, drove directly onto the pier right to the foot of the gangplank. Got aboard with five minutes to spare. Afternoon ruined for 20 + people. The lead guide was in tears, she was certain the line was going to cancel her company's contract for losing two passengers.

    We found out that the missing couple was on board: apparently, the chatty pair didn't want to wait for the bus, so they hailed a cab and went back to the ship. For three hours they had been telling us all about their grandchildren, RV, home renovations, political views, thoughts on the state of country music, etc, etc but never thought to mention they were leaving.

    We ran into the others from the excursion on board and half-jokingly agreed we'd all take turns going to their cabin and beating on the door all night.

    Wherever the Stouts are now, I hope you never cruise again.

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