The Worst Current Bands and Musicians

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Taking the title as one of the worst current musicians is a tough pill to swallow, but someone's got to claim it—and we fans will surely do it for them. Though they all might try their hardest, some bands and musicians just don't have what it takes to make great music. That, or they are in fact great musicians who like terrible music and think everyone else likes it too. Whether it's one or the other, these groups to follow are considered by many to be the worst musicians of their time, and may go on as the worst bands ever. While we don't all mean to be so cruel, these bands have to find out someway or another. And hey, maybe they'll start making some good music—it's doubtful, though.

Determining the worst music artists can be quite subjective, but these singers, bands, and rappers to follow earned it. While many of who's considered the worst artists out fall under the pop and rap genres, it's not all pop singers and hip-hop artists. Plenty of bands know how to make bad music as well. Just ask the worst rock bands of all time.

From annoying little teenagers to washed-up men who just need to quit making music, this list of the worst current musicians has them all. And if it doesn't, be sure to add them and vote them up to ultimately rank them all from worst to less worse.

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  • Jake Paul
    5,756 votes

    An exemplar of social media stars turned musicians, Jake Paul's musical output leaves much to be desired. With lackluster lyrics and mediocre production, his tracks often feel more like an attempt to capitalize on his internet fame rather than a genuine passion for music. When it comes to musical prowess, many argue that he should stick to his day job as a YouTube personality, where he can continue providing content without the risk of assaulting eardrums everywhere.

  • 6ix9ine
    5,494 votes

    Controversy follows 6ix9ine like an unwanted shadow, and his music is no exception. His aggressive yelling and monotonous flows feel obnoxious, while his lyrics often lean heavily on shock value rather than any semblance of wit or inspiration. Additionally, his legal issues and public feuds have managed to overshadow whatever talent he may possess, leaving most listeners questioning if he deserves any attention at all.

  • Logan Paul
    5,376 votes

    Much like his brother Jake, Logan Paul is another example of a social media star who ventured into music with less-than-stellar results. His songs are often seen as shallow and uninspired, filled with poorly crafted lyrics and mind-numbing beats that do little to impress the average listener. As such, Logan Paul's musical career serves as a sobering reminder that internet fame doesn't always translate to talent in other fields.

  • Lil Xan
    4,267 votes

    Entering the realm of "Soundcloud rappers," Lil Xan's music frequently features repetitive beats and lazy, often unintelligible lyrics that leave a lot to be desired. Many critics argue that his lack of versatility and reliance on drug-centric themes only serve to further diminish the merits of his work. As a result, Lil Xan has quickly become the poster child for everything wrong with modern "mumble rap."

  • Bhad Bhabie
    4,490 votes

    Initially gaining notoriety from a viral appearance on Dr. Phil, Bhad Bhabie's subsequent attempt at a music career has been met with a mixed response, to say the least. Her abrasive personality translates into her music, which often features juvenile, braggadocious lyrics set to generic trap beats. For many listeners, Bhad Bhabie represents the unfortunate convergence of internet celebrity and the music industry.

  • Lil Tay

    Lil Tay

    3,338 votes

    Possibly the youngest entry on this list, Lil Tay's music career is nothing short of perplexing. Her tracks consist of cringe-worthy lyrics and mind-numbing overproduction that leave listeners wondering how she ever gained any semblance of an audience. To call Lil Tay's music a "train wreck" would be putting it mildly.