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Restaurant Employees Are Describing Their Worst Customers Ever, And The Stories Are Super Cringy

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People are describing their worst experiences working in restaurants, courtesy of u/ChipFan111 on Reddit. Vote up the worst offences down below!

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    Card Declined, But The Server Was At Fault

    From Redditor /u/st_bart

    I served a couple once and we got along really well, no complaints about anything. I ran the guy’s card and it declined. I told my manager and when he went to talk to them, they told him that I was a horrible server and treated them like sh*t. They left me a penny.

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    The Priest Stole The Check Holder

    From Redditor /u/penguin7117

    The worst table that I ever had was a Catholic priest and some guy he was trying to hit up for donations. The whole meal he was very condescending and demanding. After everything was done, I left the check at the table. He ended up walking out stiffing me not just on the tip but on the entire check. He even stole the leather check holder thing. I reported this to my manager. A couple weeks later, this same guy comes in with about 20 members of his congregation. My manager told him he wasn't welcome in our restaurant after walking out on his previous tab in front of his whole party. They all ended up leaving to go elsewhere. Best manager I've ever had.

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    Held Up Two Fingers And Was Accused Of Swearing

    From Redditor /u/bracake

    I got my worst review (it was also this establishment’s worst piece of customer feedback) from a woman who - my hard-a** boss and co-boss agreed, and they had witnessed this whole interaction - I had welcomed warmly and who I had served appropriately and politely. This customer accused me of being terrible and rude and swearing at her because - get this, I held up two fingers to illustrate that we had two cup sizes.

    She also said that I’d been consistently rude for over a month and was the reason she was never coming back. Only I’d actually transferred from a different store and it was actually my SECOND day working there. So. I guess she had no way of knowing. I just want to know what the hell her issue was. I thought I was friendly her. I don’t understand why she’d go out of her way to try get a minimum wage worker fired.

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    Demanded They Give Money From The Tip Jar

    From Redditor /u/abertawegwylan

    A guy *demanded* I take money from our tip jar to help him pay for his order and argued with me when I said no.