The Most Embarrassing Dad Fashion Choices

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Oh Dad, we love you, but you can't deny there have been some questionable fashion moments throughout the years. Dads may be experts at grilling, squashing bugs, and fixing problems around the house, but they're not exactly pros when it comes to style and fashion.  In honor of their valiant (though fruitless) efforts at being cool, we decided to round up some of the most WTF moments in dad fashion.

We know it's true: dads are the original hipsters. Long, wavy, Farah Fawcett-inspired hair, serious 'staches, and ridiculously large glasses were invented by our fathers. And they say our fashion choices are silly. Seriously, how can you judge us for the length of our pants when you practically invented short shorts? We also blame dads for Hawaiian shirts. Like, every Hawaiian shirt ever. 

Whether your dad was strutting his stuff in the '70s or doing his thing in the '90s, fathers of every era have a knack for choosing outfits that make their kids cringe. Maybe he likes to rock an awkward turtleneck or insists on wearing socks with his sandals. Maybe he wears a "Kiss the Cook" apron even though he hasn't touched the grill in months. Why? Because dads just can't help but be dads in dad clothes. And we love them for it. 

In celebration of your good ol' Pops, check out this list of the worst funny dad fashion ever.

Photo: Oddman47 / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain