15 Questions You Should Never Ask On A Date (According To The People Who Have Been Asked)

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Dating is already awkward enough without all these bizarre questions. The easiest way to scare off a potential partner is by making weird remarks, so these people are sharing questions you shouldn't ask your date. Read on to learn what not to ask on a date.

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    "Is It Cool If We Meet My Parents There?"

    From Redditor u/EhWhyNot:

    "We're meeting my parents there. That's cool, right?"

    I agreed to go out with a guy, when he came to pick me up he informed me we were going to be going to a farm for some 4H thing for his kids. Right away I'm not happy because I'm dressed up and in heels. Then when we get there he introduces me to his mom, dad, aunt, uncle, nieces, nephews... The whole family. All while I'm far too overdressed for the occasion. Lame sauce.

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    "Have You Ever Thought About Plastic Surgery?"

    From Redditor u/drunky_crowette:

    I once had a first date with a guy from tinder who asked, after a pause in the conversation, "have you ever thought about plastic surgery? You'd look great with a nice, big rack".

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    "Would You Be Open To A Joint Bank Account?"

    From Redditor u/Vixenstein:

    This is a true story. A girl my husband works with asked a guy on their first date within minutes of meeting whether he'd be open to having a joint bank account if they were a couple. It's no secret that she's looking for a guy that makes a lot of money to pay for everything so she doesn't have to work. Respect for being that upfront about what she's looking for but she was genuinely confused why there was no second date.

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    "I know It's Only Been Five Minutes But... Can I Have A Kiss?"

    From Redditor u/ficcionella:

    I had a first date ask me for a kiss about five minutes into sitting down for dinner, & when our food came, he asked me if I would feed him a bite of my pasta. Skipping some steps there, my friend.

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    "Why Is Your Mom Hotter Than You?"

    From Redditor u/Princess_Honey_Bunny:

    I never show guys pictures of my mother, not at least until were somewhat serious. I was on a first date and going through some pictures and I pointed out one of my parents. My Mom has a large chest....and I do not. He basically said "what happened?"

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    "Are You Going To Eat All Of That?"

    From Redditor u/DancesWithDaleks:

    No lie though I had a guy say "are you going to eat all of that?" (my meal was smaller than his), then proceed to start eating my food by the forkful and when I finally asked "Uhhh why are you eating my food more than yours?" he was like "Well I'm gonna pay for it aren't I?"

    I usually pay for my own food on a date, but screw that guy. I let him pay since he ate 1/3 of my damn meal.