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The Worst Adaptations of DC Comics Costumes

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Comic books thrive on bright colors, exciting action, and awesome costumes. You can tell a lot about a hero or a villain by their super garb. Unfortunately, a lot of that super doesn't translate so well to 3D, much less moving at 24 frames per second. We all know the design and illustrations that go into making up our favorite comic heroes represent real art. Likewise, the costume designers who construct tangible, wearable designs from their own imaginations is also an art, though these don't always mix.

Spandex wrinkles and crinkles and shows every burrito. Heels? Yeah, fighting in heels seems like a great idea. Capes? Ha. Right. Capes. These are those costumes that didn't turn out so hot, those that looked better in 2D, these are the worst adaptations of DC Comics costumes!