The 20 Worst DC Comics Movies

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DC Comics is one of the two mainstream comic distributors in the world (the other, of course, being Marvel Comics). They publish dozens of titles and have invented thousands of characters. Warner Brothers acquired DC and strengthened their film department. Unlike Marvel Studios, Warners has all the DC characters legally under one umbrella. This allows them to (theoretically) assemble a film universe encompassing all DC heroes, from the fan favorites to the obscure (not the best animated DC movies), with ease. These are some of the worst comic book movies and the worst superhero movies to date.

Building a universe is easier said than done, and though they seem to have restructured (starting with Man of Steel) and come up with a plan of attack (all the way through 2020, much like Marvel), it wasn't always this way. There have certainly been some follies, and here we celebrate (or at least grumble about) that time when DC didn't have a 10 year plan. These are the days of Richard Pryor in Superman continuity, Halle Berry as Catwoman, and erect Batnipples!

Enjoy this list of abysmal DC movies and vote up the very worst!
Most divisive: Batman Forever
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