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People Describe The Worst Decisions They Ever Saw Someone Else Make

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Not all decisions are created equal – and that goes double for bad decisions. These Redditors took to the internet to explain the times they watched people make what was probably the worst choice of their life and what happened after.

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    He Saw A Kid Get Swept Away

    From Redditor u/DOG-ZILLA:

    Was in Yosemite doing a hike up to the top of (I think) Vernal Falls.

    Some kid from a large church group decided to swim at the top in the (seemingly, but not really) calm water at the top.

    I saw him get swept away and taken over the edge.

    The water has been running over there for thousands of years, so the rocks are smooth and there's no vegetation. There's literally nothing to grab a hold of if it happened to you.

    Was not in the mood to see a kid [pass] that day. Read the signs and please stay the hell out of the water like you're told.

    The body wasn't found that day. Or the next. Or the next.

    I spoke to a ranger and he said that sometimes they don't get to retrieve the body until the summer, when the falls have dried up.

    This is because often the [people] get stuck in a current and thrown around in one area at the bottom like they're in a washing machine. It's impossible to get to or even see them.

    I have no idea what's left of them after months of that.

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    They Witnessed A Disastrous Handstand

    From Redditor u/ladystaggers:

    When I was about seven years old, I was in the car with my parents, going across the bridge from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Niagara Falls, NY. The deadly Niagara River is right below. There was quite a wait due to traffic, so we were pretty much stopped.

    A bunch of teenagers were goofing around. Hopping out of their car and play fighting, etc. One guy hopped up on the railing of the bridge and did a handstand. It was terrifying. His friends yelled at him, and he hopped down.

    Then he did it again and fell over the railing to his [passing].

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    His Friend Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

    From Redditor u/P3ccavi:

    Guy (let's call him Shaun) was young, never been with a woman before, starts seeing this married girl that was separated from her husband. He gets laid and falls in love. A few months later, she and her husband decide to try to work it out for their kids. Shaun can't stop thinking about her, so he figures out a way to get her away from her husband. He walks up to their living room window and shoots the husband in the head with a .22 [single barrel]... while he's playing with his four-year-old daughter. He's doing life for premeditated [slaying].

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    They Saw A Guy Break His Own Hand

    From Redditor u/Sorcatarius:

    I know a guy who was supposedly recruited to be part of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra not even out of high school. Saw his girlfriend dance with another guy at graduation, and, in a fit of drunken jealously, punched a brick wall and shattered a dozen bones in his hand, never played an instrument again.

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