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These Are Objectively The Worst Decisions In 'The Haunting Of Hill House'

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The Haunting of Hill House is one of Netflix's most talked-about shows, winning over fans for its original adaptation of Shirley Jackson's classic horror novel of the same name. With an incredible cast, layered plot lines, and terrifying ghosts, the show has garnered much critical acclaim since its October 2018 release. There are a lot of show details that allow for elaborate fan theories, but luckily there isn't much to criticize.

One of the most glaringly problematic aspects of the show, however, is certain characters' shortsightedness. Why would Hugh stick his hand in a fan without making sure it's unplugged? Why would Shirley cheat on her seemingly perfect husband? Their actions are among the worst decisions in The Haunting of Hill House.

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    The Dudleys Don't Keep An Eye On Their Daughter

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    On multiple occasions, both Dudleys talk about how creepy Hill House can be. They tell Hugh and Olivia about losing their first child to Hill House and the dangers of lingering there. But despite their past tragedies, the couple doesn't keep track of their only living child, Abigail. While the Dudleys work at Hill House during the day, their daughter, Abigail, stays home alone on the other side of the property. Clara mentions to Olivia she doesn't let Abigail out into the world because she fears something will happen to her.

    They leave a 6-year-old alone all day and don't even notice when she sneaks out at night to have a sleepover with Luke and Nell at Hill House - an act with serious consequences.

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    The Family Stays At The House Despite Warnings They Shouldn't

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    The Dudleys have worked in Hill House for years, and they warn Hugh and Olivia not to stay there. Both Clara and Horace tell the Crains that staying in the haunted building at night is especially dangerous. The Dudleys themselves are only there during the day.

    Mrs. Dudley even tells Olivia how she lost her first child while working at the house, but the Crains don't leave.

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    Hugh Sticks His Hand Into A Fan Without Checking The Power

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    While Hugh and his son Steven are cleaning black mold at Hill House, Hugh asks the boy to unplug a high-powered fan. Steven does, but unbeknownst to Hugh, some ghostly entity switches the device on again.

    A distracted Hugh puts his hand back into it without checking the cord and gets a nasty cut he probably could've avoided.

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    Hugh Leaves His Kids In A Strange Motel Without Explanation

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    After departing from Hill House on the last night, Hugh stops at the nearest motel and drops off his children. Then he returns to Hill House to check on Olivia - without telling his kids anything. Steven is left to watch four other children.

    The kids don't seem to have a way to contact Hugh, and they don't know when he's going to return. At one point, 6-year-old Nell leaves the motel room and waits outside for her dad's return. Anything could have happened.

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