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The Objectively Worst Decisions Made In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

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Avengers: Infinity War is a massive, powerful film full of comedy, drama - and some pretty dumb movie decisions. Audiences may not have noticed anything amiss in the heat of watching the film, but when thinking back over the story, you start to see a few strange leaps in logic. Infinity War is not necessarily the worst Avengers movie, but the Avengers themselves could do a better job of not energy-blasting themselves in the foot at every available opportunity.

Sure, once Thanos acquires all the Infinity Stones, it's too late to stop him, but in more than a few instances, our favorite superheroes could have stepped up and stopped Thanos in his tracks. It's not helpful when characters forget their powers, let their emotions get in the way of their decision-making, or bank the fate of the universe on their lover's willingness to shoot them if things go poorly. Maybe we would make similar moves in those situations, but also, no, we wouldn't.

Not all terrible decisions are created equal, so let's try to nail down the worst moves in Avengers: Infinity War.