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The 13 Worst Devil Fruit Powers In One Piece No One Wants

In the world of One Piece, the characters get their unique powers from eating Devil Fruits. While all of them have disadvantages like rendering the user unable to swim, some have more disadvantages than others. In fact, some of them are so awful that you're probably better off not having any powers at all. Others aren't horrific, but they're not what most people would call useful, either. 

Every fruit has the potential to be awesome. It's easy to see how the ability to turn into rubber could come off as kind of lackluster, but Luffy makes such great use of his Gum-Gum Fruit that few people would consider it among the worst. But still, some fruits are a lot easier to work with than others. 

So, what are the worst Devil Fruits? There's the Jacket-Jacket Fruit, which lets the user turn into a jacket that's completely useless unless their target chooses to wear them. There's the Human-Human fruit, which gives animals human consciousness but does nothing for humans. There's the Venom-Venom Fruit, which is incredibly powerful but keeps its user on the toilet for ten hours a day. There's plenty more where that came from, too. 

Vote up the Devil Fruits you'd least want to eat, and vote down the ones you might give a chance. 

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    Jacket-Jacket Fruit

    Kelly Funk's Jacket-Jacket Fruit lets him transform his body into a sentient jacket. This is potentially useful in combat because once a person is actually wearing him, he can control their actions. The problem is that he doesn't seem to have the ability to force anyone to wear him. So unless he's super persuasive, the only real use for his ability is if one of his allies gets chilly. 

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    Berry-Berry Fruit

    Between Pop-Off from My Hero Academia and the Berry-Berry Fruit from One Piece, it looks like shonen anime has some kind of problem with grape-based abilities. The Berry-Berry Fruit, which was eaten by Very Good. He can divide his body into floating grape-shaped balls. This does provide immunity to blunt attacks, but can't do anything about, say, a slice from a sword. Very Good also can't control which parts of his body turn into spheres - it seems to be an all-or-nothing situation. He doesn't seem to have great control of it, either - if anybody grabs his head, he becomes totally helpless. 

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    Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Dachshund Type

    Rather than being eaten by a living being, the Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Dachshund Type was consumed by a gun called Lassoo. While it's pretty cool that the fruit was able to make an object sentient, it doesn't seem to have made it any more powerful than it already was, aside from its newfound ability to move.

    With life comes drawbacks - as a gun, Lassoo couldn't get sick. As a dog, it's either infected with some kind of virus, or is ill as a side effect of becoming sentient. Either way, it's not exactly having a good time, and its sickness can be used against it in combat. Also, do guns who turned into dogs have existential criseses, because this seems like a recipe for one. 

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    Wheel-Wheel Fruit

    Sharinguru's Wheel-Wheel Fruit is so pathetic that the anime didn't even bother adapting it from the manga - they just gave him a sword. He can transform his arms and his feet into wheels. He's only been seen using them in combat, not for transportation, so it's not clear if it can be used that way. Though the spinning wheels do provide a slight challenge, they weren't enough to deal with Franky's metal arms, which implies that they aren't especially strong to begin with. Maybe he should just stick to the sword. 

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