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14 Times Characters Used Embarrassingly Bad Disguises In Movies

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It's difficult to take bad disguises in movies seriously. However, it's doubly hard to overlook these poor disguises when the rest of the characters in the film fail to recognize how utterly ridiculous the costume really is. Masks that cover only your eyes or a simple change of clothes aren't enough to hide your true identity. Yet all too often characters don the most basic of disguises and somehow manage to fool everyone around them. 

If people were to use these dumb disguises in real life, they'd be caught in seconds. In movies, however, characters manage to make it through scene after scene without revealing who they really are. Take a look below at some of the worst disguises in movies and vote up the ones that never should have fooled anyone. 

  • In order to hide their mutated form while walking around the streets of New York City, the turtles don trenchcoats and fedoras that supposedly help them to look like regular old New Yorkers. There's just one problem: The disguise does absolutely nothing to hid their unique forms.

    The fedora isn't large enough to cover their protruding noses and green faces, and the trenchcoat simply highlights the huge shells attached to their backs. They look exactly like oversized turtles pretending to be humans, yet hardly anyone around them seems to recognize that there are weird creatures in their midst. 

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  • In all Superman movies, Superman's disguise is a true wonder. As a hero, Superman's face is entirely exposed. He wears his signature blue outfit, but there's nothing to hide his true appearance from the people he protects. To hide his identity when he's not Superman, the hero simply puts on a pair of glasses and reverts to the name Clark Kent. 

    Glasses don't change the look of your entire face. Anyone who doesn't connect Clark Kent to Superman simply isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. 

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  • When Sam's (Hilary Duff) mysterious admirer asks to meet her at the high school Halloween dance, Sam reluctantly agrees. While looking for the perfect outfit, she eventually decides on a white ballgown paired with a simple face mask that covers only her eyes.

    When she meets Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray) at the dance, he has no idea who she is, despite the fact that he has seen and talked to her many times throughout the movie. Apparently, covering a very small portion of her facial skin hides her entire identity. In fact, no one at the school realizes that Sam is the person in the Cinderella costume, including her two stepsisters who live with her every day. 

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  • Although Jeremy and Jemima have seen the Child Catcher before, he easily disguises himself as a candy vendor in order to lure the children out and kidnap them for the villainous Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria. How does the Child Catcher do it? Why, he simply tosses on a colorful coat over his normal black coat.

    The children get a good look at the supposed "candy vendor," but somehow fail to make the connection between the person offering them lollipops and the Child Catcher who wants to imprison them. Maybe the allure of candy is just too strong for the kids to use their brains.  

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