14 Anime Characters With Terrible Fashion Sense

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Japan has truly brought some spectacular style to the western world via anime. Every episode of every series, no matter how simple, seems like a walk down the runway during Tokyo Fashion Week, and it's a great glimpse into some pretty inventive and often classy getup for mere animated characters. But while many anime characters dress pretty nicely, others have suffer from outrageously bad fashion sense. Whether these atrocious outfits are an attempt on the designer's part of make their character look unique, or if they're an intentional expression of fashion failure, these terrible anime outfits are interesting to say the least.

So, who are some of the worst dressed anime characters? They appear in everything from older anime like Sailor Moon and Buso Renkin to more modern shows like Shiki and My Hero Academia. Which one of these worst-dressed anime characters makes your inner fashion critic shudder the hardest?

Photo: Buso Renkin / Xebec

  • Bleach has some pretty outrageous character costumes all the way around, but Charlotte Chuhihourne's getup takes the (pink frosted) cake. The only thing that puts his outlandish attire in context is if you think of him as a drag queen always dressed in drag.

    Even so, is pink really his color? And what's with the upper-pelvis tat?

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  • One Piece's Bentham is a villain-turned-ally whose clothing choices are, shall we say, unique. Bentham is an okama, a Japanese slang term that refers to people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, but connotes a fairly flamboyant expression of that identity. That's why Bentham's clothes are so out there. 

    The problem with Bentham's clothes isn't that they're flamboyant. That can actually be pretty cool if done right. The problem is that the outfit involves poofy, striped pants that resemble a full diaper, a ratty pink robe that looks like it was fished out of a pile at a thrift store and never washed afterward, and some confusing swan ornaments that could not possibly look good on anyone. This outfit is in such poor taste it's baffling. Maybe Bentham needs to go on RuPaul's drag race and get some style tips? 

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX's Vellian Crowler is one of the teachers at Duel Academy, and he's a fashion disaster. His outfit is a tricked-out version of the student uniform, but since he's not a student, he doesn't actually have to wear it if he doesn't want to. Some of his colleagues do, but it's not mandatory. Crowler, however, decided that not only was he going to wear the uniform, he was going to sew pink ruffles onto almost every available surface — because apparently Crowler is secretly a Sanrio Boy(s)

    What's really sad about Crowler is that he's clearly trying to look good. Nobody wears such a complicated outfit, complete with makeup and jewelry, if they don't care about their appearance. Unfortunately for Crowler, it's just not working. 

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    Koushaku Chouno Of 'Buso Renkin' Is A Bondage Butterfly

    Koushaku Chouno of Buso Renkin is perhaps best known for his outrageous costume — which looks like what would happen if a butterfly took up bondage. That said, as terrible as his outfit is, most fans wouldn't want him to dress any differently. His bizarre outfit might look horrendous, but it's part of what makes him a memorable villain.

    Koushaku makes it clear with both his actions and his clothes that he does whatever the f*ck wants, haters to the left.

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  • Best Jeanist Of 'My Hero Academia' Wears Jeans On His Face
    Photo: My Hero Academia / Bones

    My Hero Academia features a plethora of questionable fashion choices, but the award for absolute worst has to go to Best Jeanist. The reason is obvious  — he wears pants belted around his neck. His entire outfit is made of denim. Honestly, he probably wears junderwear (jean underwear) and keeps his money in a jwallet. 

    What makes it even worse is that he actually believes that this looks good — and so does his cadre of screaming fans. Perhaps it did during Britney and Justin's reign of mainstream pop, but apparently unbeknownst to Best Jeanist, the too-too-extra denim look has long retired. The waistband of his neck pants is probably covered in spit flecks, but at least he's the best at being a... jeanist. Whatever that means. 

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    Tatsumi's Clothes Get Super Weird In 'Shiki' — And So Does His Personality

    Tatsumi's Clothes Get Super Weird In 'Shiki' — And So Does His Personality
    Photo: Shiki / Daume

    Tatsumi of Shiki starts off wearing relatively plain clothes, but as the series progresses, his style gets weird. Check out this ridiculous red leather body suit with its leopard print cuffs and its shoulder spikes. The shift in style mirrors a shift in personality — he starts off relatively meek, but becomes violent and even sadistic as the series progresses. 

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