60+ Terrible Ideas Fueled by Beer

Hey, alcohol can make us do stupid things. Hopefully, none of these stupid things have permanent consequences. While some of us might use beer as a late night excuse to text our exes, others let it trick us into thinking we are invincible. These GIFs are mostly drunk people doing things that probably seemed like great - or at least hilarious - ideas at first, but turned out to be super horrible painful hard-to-watch failures. Vote up the ones that make you suck in air through your teeth the hardest.  

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    Just Gonna Jump Over This Golf Cart


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    Just Gonna Ride This Child's Toy


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    Just Gonna Wax the Floor Like This


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    Just Gonna Dive from Wherever


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    Just Gonna Surf Off This Roof


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    Just Gonna Play With This Pile of Sh*t


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