The Worst Dungeons & Dragons Monsters in the Monster Manual

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Dungeons & Dragons is about fighting monsters in dungeons, but some D&D monsters aren't even worthy of the silliest spells. While fantasy mainstays like orcs, goblins, and dragons are all well and good, eventually they get stale. Fortunately, the good folks who write Dungeons & Dragons made the Monster Manual, a huge tome of beasties to keep your dungeon crawling with the most monstrous D&D beasts.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is a limited number of good monster ideas in the world and the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual writers burned through all of them long before they stopped writing books. To put it simply: for every actually frightening monster in the Monster Manual, there’s also a rabbit mixed with some other animal thanks to some weird, weird magic. In honor of these bad ideas, this a list of the worst monsters in D&D.