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The Worst Dungeons & Dragons Spells

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Dungeons & Dragons has given millions of people an unlimited amount of fun, a reason to stay inside, and a whole world built specifically for our imaginations. The role-playing game has helped forge friendships, and it’s probably helped a few players meet their significant others. But with each new edition, the game introduces utterly useless Dungeons and Dragons spells. No matter what version of the game you’ve played, you’ve experienced bad D&D spells, and probably even wasted a turn trying to make them work to your advantage. Continue reading, dear reader, if you wish to learn about some truly bad Dungeons and Dragons spells.

There’s something to the argument that in D&D, there are no bad spells, just bad players. But then you decide to cast Green Blockade and your entire argument disappears faster than an object cursed with There/Not There. On this list of the worst D&D spells, we’ll be looking at spells that have been in just about every version of the game, and a few that were almost immediately revised, if not removed altogether. If you’ve lost a PC to anything on this collection of the worst Dungeons and Dragons spells, you have our condolences.

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    What it does: With this spell, the player harnesses the mighty power of the mandrake root! Remove it from its jar and hear its screams!

    Why it's useless: It only works within a 15 foot radius and is easily negated by will. 

    But maybe: In a million years, no one would expect you to use Mandragora, but that kind of trick only works once. 

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    Affect Normal Fire

    What it does: Essentially you can make dim fires brighter than they normally are, or you can reduce the light of a fire as long as its within 10 squares.

    Why it's useless: Not only are there so many better spells that you could be keeping in your arsenal, but if someone in your party doesn't have a torch on them then you should pour Mountain Dew on their head. 

    But maybe: If you're going to use Affect Normal Fire, it could come in handy when you're trying to make things very dark, very fast. 
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    What it does: Basically, by casting Unluck you're making negatively affecting anything random that the targeted player does. 

    Why it's useless: Statistically, Unluck doesn't do anything for you. You're better off actually trying to cast a spell on the other players than you are using this in the game. 

    But maybe: If you're feeling lucky, use this spell as much as possible. 
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    There/Not There

    What it does: If cast onto an object, each time a viewing creature stops looking at it and then looks again, the object has a 50% chance of not existing for that creature.

    Why it's useless: The only purpose this spells serves is to throw off another character, which has its benefits, but it can also totally backfire. 

    But maybe: If you're trying to cause chaos among other players, this spell is perfect for you! Unfortunately it's only in the 2nd edition. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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