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15 People Share Their Worst Experiences With Edibles

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Getting high can be a great feeling, and often makes the most mundane things - eating food, watching a movie, staring at the ceiling - seem exhilarating.

But edibles can be a wholly different beast. It's very easy for people - especially first-timers - to overdo the amount of edibles they're taking, and things can go off the rails quickly. Some people convince themselves that they're dying, while others are positive they are slowly turning into a salamander.

The stoners and cannabis connoisseurs of Reddit recounted some of their worst edible experiences, and they may have you second guessing whether or not you want to eat that "fun" brownie before going out.

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    They Were Convinced Their Mom Died

    From Redditor /u/swandressiguess:

    Couldn't figure out if my terminally ill mother was still alive. She is, thank goodness. But my brain was telling me I was just living in my memories and that she had already died.

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    A Great Trip Turned South Real Quick

    From Redditor /u/RandomLeecher:

    My buddy gave me a 1/4th of his brownie, which I later found out was one of those Kordova 1000mg brownies. It started off really slow and then just kept ramping up. In the first few hours I felt great! I ate an entire large pizza myself, was chilling watching some random movie.

    I then started to feel really sick, but was so high I felt like I couldn't walk. So I crawled to his bathroom where I proceeded to throw up for what felt like hours and lay in the fetal position having a panic attack until the edible wore off.

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    They Spent The Entire Day In The Fetal Position

    From Redditor /u/ajr901:

    Had an entire cookie from a batch that I apparently wayyyyyy overdosed. Laid in fetal position in bed rocking back and forth hoping that it would stop.

    It didn't for hours. The world was spinning, my head felt like it was detached from my body, and I could barely feel my toes. Woke up the next morning and I was still high.

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    Can Weed Turn You Into A Salamander?

    From Redditor /u/aj0y:

    It was just one f*cking edible, but man was that cookie a killer.

    My friend (also an ex) had been given a quarter pound of weed for free. FREE. And so we were like okay yeah, let's make some baller edibles. so we used probably... a third of all the weed in these cookies. Way too much, but we were amateurs. Once the cookies are made, my friend is like, "Maybe you should start with half." Now because he's my ex and was trying to tell me what to do, I was like NAH. I ate the whole damn cookie.

    It kicks in, and I'm having the TIME OF MY LIFE. The Weeknd is playing. The Sun is shining. It's a great f*cking time - until it all starts to go downhill.

    My vision starts getting messed up. It's all in squares, and there are sparkles and shiny parts -very similar to how sugar looks on cinnamon graham crackers. So I sit down, but then I realize I'm so aware of every part of my body. I kid you not I could feel EVERY bone in my foot move.

    Then I realize I have dry mouth. I'm hot. I start trying to communicate with my friends, but my mouth is just so g*ddamn dry. They can tell I don't feel well though, so they offer me some saltines. I legitimately started to panic. Had to text it out on my phone so they would understand "the thought of eating saltines is terrifying." My mouth was so dry I was convinced I would choke to death if I ate saltines.

    Then I realize that I'm not just hot - I'm clammy - that sweaty, cold, hot, disgusting kind of stuff that happens when you get sick. My skin feels weird, too. I legitimately thought I was turning into a reptile or a salamander or some sh*t. I told my friends, who thought it was hilarious. I started to panic even more until I threw up and then passed out for two hours.

    TLDR; I got so high I thought I was turning into a salamander.

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