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15 People Share Their Worst Experiences With Edibles

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Getting high can be a great feeling, and often makes the most mundane things - eating food, watching a movie, staring at the ceiling - seem exhilarating.

But edibles can be a wholly different beast. It's very easy for people - especially first-timers - to overdo the amount of edibles they're taking, and things can go off the rails quickly. Some people convince themselves that they're dying, while others are positive they are slowly turning into a salamander.

The stoners and cannabis connoisseurs of Reddit recounted some of their worst edible experiences, and they may have you second guessing whether or not you want to eat that "fun" brownie before going out.

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    Being High For The Holidays Can Be Stressful

    From a Redditor:

    I ate an edible for the four-hour trip to my parents house for Christmas. It didn’t take long to kick in, and I was really comfortable in the passenger seat. We get there and I’m still totally stoned... and continue up past [7, 8, 9] but by this point I’m in my parents house with my siblings.

    I tried to just be silent in the hopes that no one would notice anything. It didn’t work. Everyone knew something was up. I apologized for “not feeling well” and had my partner help me up the three flights of stairs to the room we were sleeping in.

    It was a mountain. I could barely stand. I slowly melted up the stairs, got in bed and was so high I was holding on to the sheets because the room was spinning. I was in and out all night on the worst and most intense high I’ve ever had. The little kids woke me up an unknown time for Santa, and I sat through presents at a 7.

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    Getting Too Drunk Can Be Fun, But Getting Too High Is A Nightmare

    From Redditor /u/ntydhtbpycbg:

    Put a half ounce into eight brownies... Tested them out with a buddy and they were so intense that I ended up having a panic attack on the floor of my dorm room. Getting too drunk can be fun, getting too high is the worst.

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    A Legendary Hallucination

    From Redditor /u/5Estr:

    My worst experience with edibles are every single time actually (three times). Basically it was my very first time I got my hands on weed, and I never got high smoking it, no effect at all. So I ended up making firecrackers. I have no idea what the potency is, but I used about 1.5 g the first time. As far as I know it was high quality weed, so the potency was probably really high, and a huge dosage too.

    At first I felt nothing, and I knew that because I had read about it. I was playing a game of League of Legends and it kicked it, and I was starting to get worried, but I thought it was fine and that’s how it’s supposed to feel. My heart really started beating really fast, and this feeling of my right eye rolling inside out, felt really weird. Five to 10 minutes later, I get a new kick, and my head feels like it’s spinning, heart beating, I have problems focusing on my League game and my eye felt like it was rolling inside out but now it hurt.

    I had to quit the League game, and tried to go to sleep, but it was really hard to sleep. I felt like I was hallucinating, imagining this weird board game, but I have no idea how to explain it because it was so f*cking weird. After telling this experience to some other random guy on the internet, he said that it was impossible to hallucinate on weed, and I had to mix it with LSD or something for that to happen. So either he’s correct and I have no idea what hallucinating really feels like, or he’s wrong. Either way, it was a horrible experience, and the first time this happened I almost though I was gonna die.

    So I tried one more time like three days later, and I think I had about half the dosage. I’m not sure how much it was this time, I just estimated. But to my eye it looked like about half. Unfortunately the exact same thing happened again... and I’m really stupid apparently and I never learn, because I tried a THIRD time despite my really horrible experiences earlier... and of course the exact same thing happened again.

    After that I have never tried edibles. I do get high smoking and it feels great, but never felt anything like I did with edibles. So I doubt I'll ever try edibles again, maybe if I know it’s a really low dosage and I know the potency.

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    From Reddit user /u/Soliz_:

    Had a gummy made with UBC Chemo - the strain had 150 mg listed on the package but who knows, thing sent me to Mars.

    I also had one where I was convinced I saw a bright white light in my sleep and was dead and just living my life though my memories in my head.

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