Painfully Entitled People This Month Who Were The Choosiest Of Beggars

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Everyone's heard the phrase "beggars can't be choosers," right?

Not these people. Below you'll find some moments that are sometimes, awkward, sometimes rude, and sometimes cringey. But they all have one thing in common: they beg others for their help, and then have the choosiest, pickiest prerequisites on top of that. Entitlement much?

All posts courtesy of r/ChoosingBeggars.

  • 1. Buyer Is Angry Because Free TV Doesn't Come With Free Delivery

    1,385 votes
  • 2. Choosing Beggar Doesn't Want To Pick Up Product And Wants It Delivered, Calls Seller "Lazy" 

    1,033 votes
  • 3. Angry Because You Have To Pay For Something Before You Receive It

    1,142 votes
  • 4. Influencer Sabotages Restaurant After They Refuse To Give Them A $100 Discount

    1,404 votes
  • 5. Owner Of Expensive Car Wants A Free Tint Job

    1,103 votes
  • 6. Gardening Job Listing Comes Off As Entitled

    1,051 votes