Painfully Entitled People This Week Who Were The Choosiest Of Beggars

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Everyone's heard the phrase "beggars can't be choosers," right?

Not these people. Below you'll find some moments that are sometimes, awkward, sometimes rude, and sometimes cringey. But they all have one thing in common: they beg others for their help, and then have the choosiest, pickiest prerequisites on top of that. Entitlement much?

All posts courtesy of r/ChoosingBeggars.

  • 1. Neighbor Angry Over Ketchup Brand

    600 votes
  • 2. Parent Asks Artist For Free Cosplay Costume

    516 votes
  • 3. Aspiring Landlord Wants People To Live In Her Bathroom, But To Leave While She's Using The Toilet

    532 votes
  • 4. Another Instagram Account Wanting To Pay A Videographer Through Exposure

    430 votes
  • 5. "Tony Stark" Type CEO Asks For A Lifelong Personal Assistant

    477 votes
  • 6. Facebook User Asks For Free, Specific Products; Wants Quality Tests Done On Those Products

    326 votes