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There Was Exactly One, Glaring Problem With Stranger Things 2

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The second season of Stranger Things had some exhilarating highs and ended on a truly terrifying note that is bound to have the Internet speculating about what's in store for Season 3. Steve comes into his own as the kids' babysitter. Will manages to overcome yet another horrifying Upside Down experience. Joyce and Hopper cozily share cigarettes. Eleven and Mike even figure out how to dance!

All that was pretty spectacular. But there's one weak point of Stranger Things 2: "The Lost Sister." No doubt about it, episode 7 of Stranger Things is the worst. If you found yourself feeling a little let down by this chapter, detailing Eleven's journey to Chicago, you're not alone. Almost the entirety of the Internet agrees it's the show's lowest point. Here are all the reasons why Stranger Things episode 7 was a disappointment.

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    Kali's Groupies Are Lame Stereotypes

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    Kali herself is a fairly decent character; she reads like what Eleven could become should she let herself be consumed by revenge. Kali's gang, however, are pretty lame.

    The most cringe-worthy of the lot has to be the mohawk-sporting punk dude, flicking his switchblade around, constantly calling Eleven "Shirley." He's followed by the Cyndi Lauper-looking girl with next to no lines. All of them read like a Kidz Bop version of The Warriors.

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    Eleven's Styling Is So Bizarre

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    C'mon, Duffer Brothers, surely you're smarter than this. The "girl gets a makeover because of personal growth" trope is tired, and not even an '80s spin can save this one. Whether you think Eleven's baby punk look is cool or cringe-y, you have to admit it comes at a weird time. Plus, she abandons it by the end of the season.

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    It Feels Like A Completely Different Show

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    One of the most glaring issues with "The Lost Sister" is that it just doesn't feel like an episode of Stranger Things. If Eleven wasn't there, you'd be totally forgiven for thinking Netflix had accidentally inserted a random episode of some '80s-themed teen mutant show from the SyFy channel in there. From the whole new setting to the unfamiliar characters, the whole outing seems out of place.

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    It Slows Down The Momentum Of The Season

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    Episode 6 most definitely has every viewer frantically clicking through to the next installment. The demodogs are heading straight for Hawkins Lab! What kind of hell will they unleash? Well, everyone has to wait another 50-odd minutes to find out how that turns out, because they're taking a detour to Chicago. "The Lost Sister" feels especially weak because it comes at such an awkward time in the season.

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