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The Worst Formula One Crashes in History

Updated 18 Sep 2019 17.6k views12 items

The safety of race car driving is of upmost concern to both fans and participants and the worst Formula One crashes illustrate why. There have been many accidents during races, often involving multiple cars and even spectators. The only good that comes out of the biggest crashes and pileups is they often inspire increased safety regulations. 

What are some of the worst Formula One accidents? The Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 1961 saw one of the most tragic accidents in Formula One history with the death of both spectators and a driver. However, not every Formula One crash ends in fatalities, but the crashes can nevertheless be scary for drivers and spectators. Wet weather cased a 13 car pileup during the Belgian Grand Prix in 1998.

What do you think Formula One can do, if anything, to prevent future accidents? Read this list of the worst F1 crashes in history to get more informed on the issue. 

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