The Worst Prosthetic Faces In Movies

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Face-swapping may be a fantastical plot convention designed to heighten the loopy, pseudo-sci-fi logic of Mission: Impossible adventures and over-the-top John Woo action flicks, but behind the scenes, actual transformations have long been the stock in trade of Hollywood makeup artists.

Whether an actor is altering their age, gender, race, hair, general face structure and shape, or in some cases even species, the results can be miraculous. Other times, the outcomes are not so miraculous. Take Anthony Hopkins, for example, when he transformed into legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in the 2012 biopic Hitchcock. Did Hopkins, in attempting to disappear into the role, look like himself? No. Did he look like Alfred Hitchcock? Also no. Instead, he seemed like an anonymous figure wearing an elaborately conspicuous display of chin, nose, head, and neck prosthetics.

Whether it's Ridley Scott hiring Kevin Spacey or Guy Pearce to don geriatric flesh suits instead of casting age-appropriate actors in the first place, Jeffrey Weissman wearing Crispin Glover's face in Back to the Future Part II, or Leonardo DiCaprio looking like a tall wrinkled baby wearing a suit in the back half of J. Edgar, countless movies over the years have gotten a bit overzealous - if not completely misguided or downright lazy - in attempting to transform their recognizable stars into unrecognizable feats of hand-crafted magic.

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