15 Factory Workers Share Their Wildest Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Factory jobs are no joke. But you can't really prepare for the realities of the work until you've heard wild factory stories from the people who lived them. If you're thinking of switching jobs, or if you're just curious what goes on inside factories, check out these factory worker stories.

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    A Snake Slithered Out Of A Shipment And Bit Someone

    From Redditor u/allkindsofjake:

    It happened a week before I started... A guy was unwrapping a big pallet of parts that had been shipped over from the plant a county away. Apparently, a copperhead snake had slithered into the wrapped up pallet of stuff and wasn't able to get out, so when he cut open the wrapping this angry snake slithered out and bit him. He went to the hospital and was fine, but who the hell expected a poisonous snake to jump out at you indoors?.

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    A Worker Cut Part Of Their Finger, Then The Supervisor Did The Same Thing

    From Redditor u/LadyStaggers:

    Worked in a factory. Another employee was cutting rubber and for some reason stuck his finger into the fan on the side of the machine and got the top of his pointer finger cut off.

    The supervisor, Dave, kept saying, "How could he be so stupid?" Ministry of labor comes in to investigate and while Dave is explaining what happened he does the exact same thing as the injured worker. Gets the top of his thumb cut off.

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    A Worker Dropped A Gas Cylinder And It Embedded Itself Into A Concrete Wall

    From Redditor u/InfiniteRival1:

    Working as a welder I watched some guy try to replace a shielding gas cylinder. He wasn't using a cart, instead rolling it along the edge, with no guard on the valve... He dropped it and the valve landed perfectly on a corner, and my god did that thing make a sound like a grenade and take off like a rocket [e]mbedded about 3 feet into a concrete wall. No one was hurt, but it definitely could have rolled a few heads if it was pointing the other way.

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    A Car Fell Out Of The Harness And Could Have Ended A Life

    From Redditor u/bravesgeek:

    A Volkswagen Atlas was on the conveyor belt in the air, fell out of the harness, and landed upside down in the protective cage. We got to take most of the rest of the day off. It was pretty lucky that it wasn't over somebody's head unprotected at the time.

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    They Completely Ignored A Massive Leak And Just Kept Working

    From a former Redditor:

    I had just started at this company doing assembly of little electrical components for circuit boards. Already this place had given me a weird vibe. I got the job specifically because I had experience doing the same work that they were doing, and any time I mentioned I was familiar with the process they were using, they'd get this messed-up attitude. Like they threatened to write me up for saying it.

    That's not the weird thing. The weird thing was on my second or third day, the ceiling started leaking. It was a sizable leak; it looked like a waterfall. It was pouring all over these testers for testing the circuit boards. No one reacted at all. They didn't call maintenance or put a bucket under it or move the testers. They just kept working. The other new girl and I had to make our trainer call someone, and even then they let it leak on the floor and the equipment another 10 minutes until maintenance showed up. I've never seen anything so bizarre. It was like no one understood the ceiling shouldn't leak. I quit a couple days later.

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    A Worker Nearly Suffocated On A Bet

    From Redditor u/Mr_Drewski:

    You know those machines that wrap pallets? Yeah, those wrap a lot tighter than you probably think. The bet was as follows: hands in front pockets, utility knife in the back pocket, 20 bucks says you can't get out after being wrapped… and it took all of 10 seconds for everyone to realize he was gasping for air.

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