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Christopher Shultz
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It's likely everyone has experienced a nightmare family vacation or two. You know, those holidays where nothing seems to go right, everyone fights each other, the A/C in the car doesn't work, brother and sister are at jockeying for backseat position, and a tire blows out in the middle of nowhere. Typically, these instances are just minor annoyances, leaving the family with mostly good memories of the trip years down the line.  

But what if, instead of a few hiccups, detours, and mishaps, your family encountered cannibals, murderers, giant evil creatures, ghosts, and even vampires? It's doubtful you'll see those experiences compiled into a slideshow and plastered on a bare wall at the next family reunion.  

These are some of the worst, most terrifying things to happen to vacationing families in horror movies. On the bright side, they'll probably make you feel better about your last family trip.
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The Hills Have Eyes

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A family on route to California breaks down in the middle of the desert. What's the worst that could happen? Snakes? Tarantulas? A band of inbred dune-dwelling cannibals who plan to systematically terrorize, murder, and eat the family members one-by-one? As this is a Wes Craven picture, it's probably that last option.

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The Evil Dead

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Ash and his sister, Cheryl, take a group of friends to a cabin in the woods for a nice getaway. Everything's just find and dandy until they decide it's good idea to read some incantations from the Necrocomicon Ex-Mortis. As one might expect, these words release the Deadites who spoil all the fun.

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After reports of grave desecration in the area, all that siblings Sally and Franklin want to do is road trip to their grandfather's old farm and also check on his final resting place. But rural Texas just isn't the same as it used to be, especially because of their new neighbors.  Turns out, a cannibalistic clan of killers living in a nearby house is bad for community morale. It doesn't help that one family member is fond of wearing other people's faces and wielding a chainsaw.

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You know the story: countless families vacationing on Amity Island are forced out of the water when a massive great white shark goes on a killing and eating rampage. Resident Sheriff Brody must protect these out-of-towners, as well as Amity citizens and his own family, from this bloodthirsty threat. He's going to need a bigger boat.

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