People Share The Worst Fanboy Meltdowns They Ever Had The Displeasure Of Witnessing

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Hobbies are great. Fans are great. And people who are passionate about their hobbies can be great. But there's a fine line between passion and insanity, and for a select few, when it comes to their hobbies, that line is far behind them.

Over on Reddit, people who have witnessed fan meltdowns share the wild stories of the adult temper tantrums they have observed. Enjoy these select stories and vote up the tales of the worst enfant terribles.

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    Wannabe Jedis Join The Mindless Masses

    From Redditor u/Tailas:

    I worked at Best Buy when Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phanton Menace was released on DVD for the first time. I had worked the opening shift and was asked to come in a little early to help set up all the displays.

    People were camped outside for a few hours before the store opened. About 30 minutes before the store opened, I could see this seething, undulating mass of humanity crowded outside the doors, waiting for them to open so they could grab their copy. I swear it looked like a few of them were trying to Jedi Mind Trick me into opening the doors early.

    I was making jokes with my fellow employees when my manager came and asked me to stand by the doors so I could direct the incoming horde to the various displays (there were two or three of them I think). As I took my place near the doors, the store manager approached the front doors of the store to open them, and I saw the entire mass tense like they were about to run a gauntlet.

    As soon as the doors opened, the human ocean outside burst its way in. I raised my hand to wave to them in greeting, but before I could get my arm halfway up to greeting position, I was slammed off of my feet as they ran past me. It was like I wasn't even there.

    I picked myself up with no injuries other than [to] my pride, and saw these piranhas devour the first display they came to. Within minutes (it seemed), the display was empty. Some customers who hadn't grabbed a copy (and didn't realize that we had more in stock) started pushing and shouting, and it looked like there might be a brawl erupting at any moment. I tried to tell everyone that we had more, but they were shouting over me. One kid (maybe 9 or 10 years old) was standing next to his mom and crying because he hadn't managed to get a copy. His mom was trying to console him, while moving him away from the riotous mass in front of them.

    I went back to the crowd, [and] finally it got quiet enough [that] I could explain that we had more in stock. The remaining crowd rushed to the other displays, and I pulled a copy aside for the boy and his mom and handed it to them so they wouldn't have to be near the assholes who were ready to fight each other.

    All of this sh*t for f**king Jar Jar Binks.

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    And He Was A Teacher

    From Redditor u/kermi42:

    This dude's thing was Transformers. He was utterly obsessed. Loved the cartoons, collected all the toys, knew everything about them. He tracks when the new toys are coming out so he can go down and get them ASAP. I guess nowadays he'd probably just order them online or something, but again, this was early 2000s and that wasn't as common.

    So one day he goes down to Target, knowing the new Transformers toys are supposed to be there that day, only the shipment got delayed and they don't have them on the shelf yet. Apparently, he loses it. He's red in the face screaming at the staff, abusing them for keeping the transformers from him, and starts tearing merchandise off the shelves and throwing it around.

    I don't know if he left of his own accord or was escorted out by security, but I'm pretty sure he was banned from the store.

    I feel like this kind of behaviour is unacceptable from a toddler, but at the time he was a high school teacher in his early 30s.

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    Scene At A Comic Store

    From Redditor u/Maruff1:

    ...At my local comic book store, I witnessed a 40-year-old man break down, lay in the floor, and start crying because DC killed Superman.  

    I hear a scream behind me, and [it] was as if someone pulled the string from his body. He just collapsed and went fetal in the floor. He was doing what the kids call "ugly crying." He laid there for 30 minutes and other Superman fans helped him to a chair and got him some water.

    This is also before it became common that the dead always come back.

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    Brony At A Burger Place

    From Redditor u/SGT_Chowdown:

    McDonald's had My Little Pony toys a few years back. The cops got called to the McD down the block from my house because some Brony went in for a Rarity or a Pinkie Pie (I can't remember which one it was), they were all out, and he [straight-up] had the most maximum fedora fit on the face of the planet.

    He tried to knock down the toy display to get the toy he wanted out of it, except it's bolted to the wall.

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    'Next Time On Dragonball Z...'

    From Redditor u/Laylian:

    While eating dinner at Denny's, I saw a teenager throw his soup at a grown adult for making a "Next time on Dragonball Z" joke while yelling about not making fun of Dragonball Z.

    They weren't at the same table and didn't know each other.

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    Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One

    From Redditor u/St_Morrissey:

    One day after the Smiths broke up. A sad fan hijacked a radio station in Colorado and made them play Smiths songs [for] hours on end until the police were able to put an end to it.

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