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The Worst Celebrity First Pitches of All Time

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When you think of ceremonial first pitches in the baseball, the first thing that comes to mind isn't that so many people are living their lifelong dream. Nope. Instead, you're chuckling at the many celebrities who have become punchlines because their first pitches were, well, not so good, to put it mildly. The people listed here are celebrities, because it would be too easy to make fun of average people who can't reach home plate, like shooting fish in a barrel. Wouldn't you rather laugh at the ridiculous outfit Mariah Carey is wearing when she's tossing out the first pitch in Japan, or even 50 Cent as his pitch sails just a bit outside. No matter what you like, you're going to have a few laughs. 

Baseball can be a cruel mistress, and as these famous people learned the hard way, that includes tossing out the first pitch. Who would have thought that throwing a baseball 90 feet could be so difficult? That's why we leave the pitching to the professionals. 

What are the worst first pitches all time? That's up to you decide, but vote on this list accordingly, with the top vote-getter being the pitch that was the worst, and so on.