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Film and TV Characters Most Doomed to Spend Forever in the Friendzone

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List RulesFilm & TV characters who were "friendzoned" and NEVER really made it out (sorry, Ross Gellar).

"Friendzone" – a hellish pit of loneliness one finds himself (or herself) when the object of his/her affections says they'd like to be friends, forever, and nothing more. For example, there's poor Duckie in Pretty in Pink or Jorah (Khaleesi's minion) on Game of Thrones... These lovestruck fools found themselves fools of the friendzone. And yes, it felt like a fate worse than death. 

On this list, the victims can NOT have escaped the friendzone. That means Ross Gellar and Steve Urkel don't count – they FINALLY got the girl! On this list of sad-sacks, nobody was so lucky. Just like in real life, these characters who got friendzoned were forced to stay there forever.

So here are some of the worst friendzone victims of all time. Vote up the worst friendzones in film and TV history – those pitifully lovelorn characters who just couldn't escape the dreadful words, "Let's just be friends."
  • In the Harry Potter franchise, Professor Snape spent his entire life in love with Harry's mom, only to have her end up marrying his worst enemy. And even after she died, Snape was still so devoted that he dedicated his life to protecting her son. That Lily Potter can cast one helluva a friendzone spell!
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  • Sure, on Friends, we all think Ross Gellar is king of the friendzone. And he was, but he ultimately got out – making him ineligible! Therefore, we crown Gunther in his stead, the longing barista who could never get Rachel Green. 
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  • On Game of Thrones, Jorah Mormont is the right-hand man of Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, in all matters but love. He'll never get close to the Iron Throne, just the Iron Friendzone. Winter has come!
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  • Remember when Twilight fangirls were choosing Team Edward or Team Jacob? Well, once Bella went vampire and had a vamp-baby, the wolf-in-wuss's clothing was eternally relegated to the friendzone. At least he has those abs to love.
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