The 15 Worst 'Futurama' Episodes Ever

Futurama is one of the greatest animated series ever to reach the airwaves, and despite being canceled by FOX, the show returned to complete a total of seven seasons and 140 episodes. Now, calling any episode of Futurama the "worst" is essentially saying it's the one with the lowest rating on sites like IMDb. Essentially, the worst of the best, if you will.

The episodes found below are the ones at the very bottom of the list, such that they have the fewest fans coming back to watch them time and time again due to some bad moments, or perhaps because the humor hasn't aged quite as well (which is kind of ironic considering it's a show about the future). Regardless of how bad (or great) these episodes are, there's no denying the magic of Futurama. In fact, even rounding up a list of bad Futurama episodes was a chore in and of itself, which is a testament to the creative genius behind the show.

Check out all the worst episodes of Futurama according to IMDb and vote up all the less-than-stellar episodes of an otherwise standout show.