'Game of Thrones' Characters You Would (But Probably Shouldn't) Bury In The Pet Sematary

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Only GoT characters who have died or "not living."

We’re ranking the worst Game of Thrones characters to bring back from the dead.

In the Stephen King novel Pet Sematary - the cinematic adaption of which releases on April 5, 2019 - an unlucky family finds a mysterious burial ground on their property. And they set off a catastrophic chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil. Things buried in that cemetery don't come back the same; they transform into barely recognizable, vengeful beings.

Almost every person in Game of Thrones harbors a deep-seated need for revenge, but which dead GoT characters would come back worse if they were put in the Pet Sematary? Who would wreak the most havoc in Westeros if they were reanimated? 

Upvote the Game of Thrones characters you want to see buried in the cursed ground, and downvote the ones you think deserve to rest in peace.

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  • Summer, Shaggydog, and Lady

    Summer, Shaggydog, and Lady

    The three Stark direwolves were as loyal as they were mortal.

  • Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if Ned were to return to King's Landing.

  • We all wonder what Drogo would say if he were able to see his Khaleesi today.

  • One of the few truly selfless characters, Hodor sacrificed himself so that others could live.

  • Viserion


    Just imagine the confusion associated with reanimating a White Walker dragon.

  • If Robb were to come back to life, would he join Jon and Daenerys

  • Oberyn was one of the only characters to ever come close to beating The Mountain.

  • What's worse—being married to Joffrey or being burned alive?

  • They broke a sacred vow to kill her. Would she seek vengeance?

  • In one of the more dignified deaths, Olenna confessed to Joffrey's murder before she died.

  • He saved a lot of Starks. Too bad he couldn't save himself.

  • Shireen Baratheon

    Shireen Baratheon

    Stannis's daughter, sweet Shireen was innocent to the end.

  • A fierce archer, a fierce lover. She definitely knew a thing or two.

  • Rhaegar Targaryen

    Rhaegar Targaryen

    Oh, the things Rhaegar knows...

  • Noble, skillful, bold: who wouldn't want a loyal knight by their side?

  • Tommen's loyal cat, Ser Pounce, was put to death at Cersei's orders.

  • The youngest Stark was shot in the back with an arrow while running to meet Jon Snow. 

  • Osha

    In service to House Stark, Osha met her end at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. 

  • Would the King Beyond the Wall join his zombie enemies in death, or would he fight them?

  • The young Reed was killed by a wight while fighting to save Bran.

  • Myrcella Baratheon

    Myrcella Baratheon

    Another innocent child caught up in the madness of mad men and women.

  • The young king leaped to his death after his wife was murdered. 

  • King Robert's death plunged the entire kingdom into chaos.

  • Brynden Tully "Blackfish"

    Brynden Tully "Blackfish"

    The seasoned soldier made his last stand fighting the Lannisters and the Freys.