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Jacob Shelton
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This list examines some of the worst trends in genre film. Genre movies are like the economy and teenagers’ clothing - there’s always a new trend. Usually a film will come along and do something cool like make a funny zombie movie that’s also poignant, and the next thing you know, zombies are in every movie for the next ten years.

Genre film trends aren’t new. Filmmakers have been trying to copy the success of popular films as long as there have been movies. Sometimes trends are cool, like when superhero films started taking their characters seriously, kicking off a new wave of great spandex-clad heroes onscreen. By now, though, it's exhausting to watch Wolverine skulk around and have feelings.

About every five years, a new trend comes along and bursts the last bubble. Some of the worst trends in fantasy movies don’t even start out bad, but after years of being beaten over the head with vampires or landmarks being destroyed, people start getting tired of the same thing. Even if you love a particular genre trend, it’s okay when they pass out of fashion, because you know they’ll always come back stronger than ever. Vote up the worst trends in genre film, the ones you hope burn out soon and don't come back anytime soon.
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Found Footage

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Even though modern found footage films tend to inspire derision in film goers the world round, the style began with a few heavy hitters. Films like Cannibal Holocaust, and Man Bites Dog still loom large with genre film fans, but as found footage films have become more popular they've gotten shakier, darker, and more gimmicky. And the footage is often simply kind of boring. Some films like The Sacrament and Chronicle have busted the genre's constraints, but most found footage movies are forgettable.
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Splitting a Story Into Two Separate Movies

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Hollywood has really taken to splitting up the final installments of fantasy and science fiction films lately. From Twilight to Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, studios are cutting stories in twain with the excuse that they're trying to preserve the story. But does anyone really want to spend an extra hour watching their favorite heroes camping in the woods and pay twice as much for the experience?
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Reboots are a fairly recent trend compared to some of the others on this list. Beginning in the late '90s with films like An American Werewolf in Paris and The Italian Job, reboots started worming their way into the American film system. The trend has only increased in recent years giving us reboots of everything from The Evil Dead to RoboCop.
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It's the End of the World as We Know It

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There are good apocalyptic movies. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Melancholia come to mind, but so do Armageddon, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow. So maybe the whole trend is a wash. 
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