The Most Low-Key Sociopathic Things George Costanza Did On 'Seinfeld'

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After the countless warm and fuzzy, family-friendly sitcoms of the 1980s, Seinfeld shook up television conventions in a major way. While they were making the show, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David set a now-famous rule for the show’s writers room: “no hugging, no learning.” 

The characters on Seinfeld were not going to learn important lessons about love and friendship. There would be no sentimental moments or personal growth and evolution. There certainly was no painstaking concern over making sure the characters seemed likeable to the audience.

It was George Costanza, played indelibly by Jason Alexander, who most embodied this motto. The character may have been loosely based on Larry David, but even Larry’s character on Curb Your Enthusiasm wouldn’t have attempted some of the things George tried to get away with. What makes the character especially interesting is that for someone so neurotic, emotionally volatile, and frequently unemployed, he often displays remarkable overconfidence. The audacity of his schemes make George somehow worth rooting for - even if it’s just to enjoy what a mess he’s made.