People Describe Terrifying Times Google Maps Led Them Into Horror Country

Google Maps can be a great thing but sometimes people put a bit too much trust in the GPS app. Reddit users revealed the unnerving places that Google Maps has led them over the years. From dilapidated homes, to "Cementland," to encounters with the NSA, it's clear that people should be focusing on one thing: Using Street View.

  • If Y'All Hurt One Of My Dogs I'm Gunna Shoot You

    From Redditor /u/girlingboyer

    Balmorhea, Texas.

    Driving across the country with my girlfriend from NYC. Google Maps takes us off the main road, but I zoom out to double check and it looks like a good shortcut to get where we’re going. The trail gets dustier, and suddenly we’re at an open gate through which the “road” keeps going. I check the map again, and it looks OK, so we enter through. I figure, if the gate is wide open, we’re probably safe.

    Passing a large barn, suddenly about 15 huge dogs come running after us. Real big dogs. Barking, angry dogs. We keep driving as per Google’s instructions but the “road” suddenly ends and there’s a creek that we could in no way cross to keep driving. So, we manage to turn around with these huge dogs surrounding us and slowly drive back the other way. Only when we get back to the gate this time, it’s closed.

    In our rear-view, we see a golf cart sputtering towards us. It’s an old lady. We roll down the window, not long before we hear “Y’all better get the hell out of here NOW!” We try to tell her we’re sorry and explain what happened, but she’s not hearing it. “If y’all hurt one of my dogs, I’m gon SHOOT YOU!”

    My girlfriend is freaking out, but the gate is closed, so the old lady pretty hilariously has to explain to us that it will open automatically if we approach it closer. “It’ll OPEN automatically if you just PULL UP!” So we drive up and it starts to open, but we’re too close to it, and awkwardly back up to let it open all the way before hightailing the F out of there. Never taking the “shortcut” in the middle of nowhere ever again.

    I actually submitted a report to Google about this and never heard back from them.

  • Cue Black Flashing Lights And An SUV Full Of Cop-Type Guys

    From Redditor /u/jrhooo

    The NSA.

    It wasn't so much visiting it, as trying to get somewhere completely else, and the GPS refusing to recognize that the facility was even there, thus refusing to go around it.

    The road it wanted you to take just stuck on the lane that goes to their gate, without a real way to turn off.

    So you get there and the security guy is like, "badge?"

    "Oh, sorry I don't work here. I just got turned around. I am not supposed to be here."

    "Ok, then. You'll just have to turn around and go that way."

    "Yeah, can I just turn around here and drive back out the gate?"

    "You can pull over right here and that security car will escort you back the gate"

    Cue black flashing lights and an SUV full of cop-type guys.

  • Cementland

    From Redditor /u/murraythedog

    Cementland in St. Louis.

    An artist known for creating the town’s renowned City Museum, basically an adult jungle gym in an old downtown office building, tried to outdo himself by turning an abandoned cement factory into the same thing. He did a lot of it himself and died when his bulldozer flipped over.

    The site now has these creepy carnival-style painted concrete domes along the street and giant abandoned machinery behind them.

  • A Scraggily Looking Guy Opened the Door and Waved for Me to Come In

    From Redditor /u/roseblack18

    I once applied for a job at a tanning salon at the next town over. The online ad made it seem really chill and like it would work well with my school hours. They were specifically looking for high school or college girls, so that fit the bill -- plus free tanning or whatever. I sent in my resume and they emailed for me to come to a job interview.

    When I followed Google Maps to the address (there aren't any Street Views of it) it was a dilapidated looking old house. A scraggly looking guy opened the door and waved for me to come in. I noped out of there really fast.