• Graveyard Shift

People Describe Terrifying Times Google Maps Led Them Into Horror Country

Google Maps can be a great thing but sometimes people put a bit too much trust in the GPS app. Reddit users revealed the unnerving places that Google Maps has led them over the years. From dilapidated homes, to "Cementland," to encounters with the NSA, it's clear that people should be focusing on one thing: Using Street View.

  • Please Refrain From Feeding The Wild Animals

    From Redditor /u/iholierthanthou

    Okay so this happened during our trip to Goa (India).

    It was our second day and we were on our way to the hotel we had booked for that day, which happened to be on the other side of Goa, so most of the two hour trip (as estimated by Google Maps) was on the highway which was pretty cool, but when we were like 20 minutes away Google asked us to take a diversion from the highway as it was a "shorter path."

    The road became much smaller and in some time we went through a huge gate (we couldn't read what was written as it was too dark and tbh at that time we weren't even bothered). This is where the problem started, the road started becoming worse and worse and soon it was like those roads you see in safaris. 

    About this point we also lost network coverage, we were getting a little anxious by now, just then we saw a sign which said "Please refrain from feeding the wild animals." This is when we stopped our scooters to check where we actually were. So apparently Google had taken us on a shortcut which went through a wildlife reserve. We were freaked out but the map said we had only like 10 minutes of travel time before we got out of the reserve so we went on but in that road, and with our scooters, the progress was very slow. Then we saw another sign which said "beware of leopards." This is when we all actually lost it and knew we had to get out so we stuck close to each other (freaking out at every sound we heard ) and after a good 30 minutes we were finally out. Cannot tell you how relieved we were. We learned to never blindly listen to Google Maps again.

  • The Pee Spot

    From Redditor /u/GReeeNIsSystem

    Once I was on holiday in Singapore with my mother. On one day we decided to check out a nearby place where the movie park is located at which we haven't had much information on -- usually my mother plans everything as careful as possible with plenty of maps and information from tour guides and the hotel people.

    Anyway, we're having a good time enjoying nature and stuff and noticed a little side road leading to a small "cave." My mother took a bunch of pictures and we kept going. Eventually we didn't quite know where we were so I pulled out the phone the hotel had given us on our rooms which had internet and therefore Google Maps. I navigated us around but we weren't really getting to where we wanted to. 

    Suddenly we noticed a man in a construction worker uniform and we decided to follow since he looked like he knew what he was doing. We followed him about 10 meters behind until we're in a rather dark area surrounded by trees which looked like a dead end. The man stops at the wall, pulls out his wiener, and pees against the wall. My mom and I then realized we've been following this poor guy to his peeing spot instead of somewhere where we could find a bus stop or anything.

  • Sometimes When I'm Bored I Find Nuclear Missile Silos

    From Redditor /u/830_L

    I live not so far from a nuclear missile wing. Sometimes when I'm bored, I find nuclear missile silos on Google Maps.

    The closest I've found is 45 miles from my house. Though it may not be deemed creepy by everyone, nuclear missiles creep me the hell out. How many people does each one have the power to kill? And what's going to happen to me if they have to be fired someday? Sometimes, when you're driving around out in the country here, you'll see a bare, fenced off rectangle in a farmer's field, and that's a silo. Or you'll see a control bunker, which on the surface is basically a ranch style house surrounded by a giant fence with barbed wire around the top.

  • The Bombing Site

    From Redditor /u/Pichikuin

    I once was cruising along Arizona or California on Google Maps (satellite mode) and had gone way way way off the beaten path. Like, it was only desert, for miles, and the only “road” I had seen was a dried up stream bed.

    Then suddenly I came across this bizarre carving in the ground. It was huge. I can best describe it as a circle, with increasing, smaller circles inside. It had a small metal building next to it and that was it. No roads, no houses, no cars, just a circle. I thought it might have been a farm. But if it was it’s the most nonsensical farm ever. All that space, and you made a perfect circle. In the desert, where it’s hard to grow things. Miles away from any road. And no water. If anyone can explain, I would appreciate it.