The Most Ridiculous Storylines 'Gossip Girl' Writers Ever Came Up With

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Gossip Girl, one of the most habit-forming shows of the 2000s (and it lives on via Netflix), features storylines that revolve around an elite group of rich kids (and a few less wealthy ones from Brooklyn) who attend a private school on the Upper East Side in New York City. The titular "Gossip Girl" is an anonymous online scribe who chronicles their every move, tabloid-style. The show isn't exactly relatable, yet viewers obsess over the craziest Gossip Girl moments, as well as the lives of these wealthy high schoolers who eventually turn into college students.

From the beginning, the show's details are questionable. High school students attending clubs and drinking at bars could hardly be considered realistic. As the years go on, however, the worst Gossip Girl storylines get more and more ridiculous. Eventually, the insanity of the show is almost too much to follow, much less explain to anyone who hasn't seen every episode.

While plenty of episodes remind viewers why they love the show so much, Gossip Girl's most shocking moments have a lot of fans questioning why they are still watching. Outlandish plots are common on many television series, but the worst Gossip Girl storylines deserve an extra-large eye roll. XOXO, everyone. And after you've voted, make sure to check out these great shows like Gossip Girl!