Hairpieces On Iconically Bald Actors, Ranked By Degree Of Blasphemy

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Vote up the hairpieces that are a vile affront to their wearer's famously bald identity.

For an actor, physical transformation often comes with the territory. Hell, some people win Oscars entirely because of it. But there is transformation, and there's reinvention... and then there's violation. For Hollywood's baldest and brightest, choosing to don a hairpiece can be construed as a shameful capitulation - even an act of blasphemy.

Some bald actors, of course, weave in and out of hair and non-hair roles without a hitch. No one knows, for example, what Nicolas Cage and John Travolta's real hair actually looks like anymore. But for many a bald thespian, baldness has become an inseparable part of his identity - even his legacy. The patron saint of the bald actor is, of course, Telly Savalas, who chose the bald look and stuck with it - undeterred - for the entirety of his career. For too many others of his ilk, however, the temptation of a full head of hair is, sadly, just too much to pass up. Be the bald, gentlemen. Be the bald.

Vote up the unexpected hairpieces that truly changed the way you saw - and respected - the actors wearing them. Then take a look at the flip side of the equation.