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The Worst Hairstyles in MLB History

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Like with all professional sports, Major League Baseball players are a rare breed. Not only are they the best in the world at what they do, but they carry very unique personalities which manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Among the ways baseball players express themselves is through their appearance, most often that comes in the form of a unique hairstyle. The worst hair in baseball ranges from mullets, to unfortunate '80s styles, and some interesting dreadlocks. Who has the ugliest hair in baseball?

Major League Baseball players use helmets while they are on offense and wear a cap while they are in the field. Unlike football, where the helmet covers the entire head and the face mask covers the face, baseball players have more freedom to express themselves with their choice of hairstyle, though that isn't always for the best. From Randy Johnson's mullet, to Pete Rose's bowl cut hair, there has been plenty of bad hair in baseball over the course of MLB history.

So which baseball stars truly have the most terrible hair in the history of the sport? That's for you to decide. Upvote the worst baseball player hair below, or if you can think of other bad haircuts on baseball players, let us know in the comments section!