The Worst Hairstyles in NHL History

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There are a lot of athletes with bad hair, and the world of hockey is no exception. Ice hockey is an incredibly tough game and needs players who are just crazy enough, especially at the highest level, that they come with some of the most unique personalities in sports. This individual style unfortunately extends to what they've got going on under the helmet - and from mullets, to crazy curls, and long, luscious locks, the hockey players here have the absolute worst hair in NHL hockey.

Hockey players are courageous, reckless, wild and not afraid to show any of these characteristics. They are also not afraid of showing off their spectacular dental work, uniquely manicured facial hair, and the bad hairstyles of, well, about what you'd expect from pro hockey stars. Hair in the NHL always has been, and always will be, something to behold.

On any given NHL game night, the arena will almost certainly feature a couple of spectacular mullets, some awful helmet hair, some questionable decisions and, generally speaking, the worst hairstyles in not only the NHL, but in the entire sporting landscape.

Whether it's the all-time classic curly mullet of Jaromir Jagr or the unique styling of modern day stars like Patrick Kane and Drew Doughty, the National Hockey League is sure to produce some of the worst hairstyles in all of sports history.