The Absolute Worst Hairstyles of All Time

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Ever left the hairdressers in tears because of the absolute nightmare they styled onto your head? Didn't think your bad haircut could look any worse? Sit back and take a deep breath with this list of the worst hairstyles of all time. This will calm any worries about your new 'do, and reassure you that your bad hairstyle could always look worse.

These are some of the hairstyles that everyone EVERYWHERE should avoid so as to not create memories and family photos that make you cringe forevermore. Because these are the sorts of gold that family and friends dig out whenever they can for maximum hilarity.

While many of these hairstyles were once popular, these one-time trendy haircuts all kicked the bucket, and for good reason. These bad haircuts and hairstyles will make anyone think twice before going rogue with their hair again. These are the ultimate worst hairstyles of all time.