The Worst Things to Get in Your Trick-or-Treat Bag

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Your least-favorite Halloween candy of all time.

What is the worst Halloween candy ever? Oh, the choices are seemingly endless: Whether it's that creepy older lady down the street who insists that little boxes of raisins are just wonderful for the trick-or-treaters, or the health food nut next door who believes that trail mix makes a perfect treat, we've all been stuck with terrible Halloween candy at one point or another. That's what this list is all about: The nastiest, grossest, stupidest, worst things to get when trick-or-treating. Be sure to vote, and add any ridiculously bad Halloween candy you've gotten, too.

Here's the thing about the worst Halloween candy: Sometimes, people give out things that aren't candy at all. Look, if you run out of Snickers or Reese's peanut butter cups (no doubt among the best Halloween candy choices ever) just turn the porch light *off*. Don't go scrounging around the house for other things to dump on unsuspecting kids (and yes, that means no packets of sugar-free hot chocolate, Splenda, or Taco Bell hot sauce). Resist the urge to give out coupons, too, because kids don't CARE. They want their treats, and they want them now -- not next week, not next month.

Consider this list a guide for what *not* to give the adorable trick-or-treaters who show up at your door this Halloween...unless you actually want your yard TP'ed. If so, then by all means, hand out some horrible generic made-in-China knockoff Halloween candy to the sweet, eager, costumed faces that hold out their sweet, adorable plastic Jack-o-lanterns and offer you the "trick or treat" holiday greeting. Your "candy" will wind up in the discard pile once everything's divvied up, and you'll become the pariah of the neighborhood.

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    Razor Blades

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    NOTHING.... ):

  • Religious Tracts/Jack Chick Books
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    Religious Tracts/Jack Chick Books

  • Splenda
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  • Salt
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  • A Rock...
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    A Rock...

    Just like Charlie Brown got for Halloween.