The Very Worst Holidays You Hate

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Just because most people enjoy the holidays does not mean that everyone loves the holidays. Whether you want to admit it or not, your favorite day of the year happens to be someone's least favorite holiday for one reason or another. Some people hate certain holidays the way Garfield hates Mondays, and many times they have good reason to. Even thinking about the chaos of the holiday season can curdle your thirst for eggnog, and the traffic caused by festivities and drunk drivers can turn your horizons south at the drop of a ball. Furthermore, one of the worst holidays ever celebrates a man who brought disease and devastation to an entire continent; naturally, many people feel unenthusiastic about that holiday too.

Though many of the days below do give cause for celebration (and a few days off), the holidays you hate also give plenty of cause for grief. Christmas effectively lost its original spiritual purpose, your pets despise Independence Day fireworks, and only couples like Valentine's Day. Someone in charge needs to turn these days into holidays instead of keeping citizens locked into these same old celebrations. Or at least make them leap year-style so they only come once every-so-often.

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  • Black Friday
    1,777 votes

    Black Friday

  • Valentine's Day
    1,898 votes

    Valentine's Day

  • Columbus Day
    1,596 votes
  • April Fool's Day
    1,007 votes

    April Fool's Day

  • New Year's Eve
    1,482 votes

    New Year's Eve

  • Fourth of July
    1,379 votes

    Fourth of July