Hotel Staff Describe the Most Disgusting Guests They've Cleaned Up After

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Have you ever wondered what the previous guests did in your hotel room before you checked in? It's pretty easy to creep yourself out when you think about all of the gross messes that could've been in your very room just hours before you got there. After reading these horror stories from hotel staff, well, you probably won't feel much better. We've gathered the grossest, weirdest, and most disturbing stories told by hotel staff who had to clean up after the worst guests.

From strange rituals to lots of gross fluids, these stories will ignite your already active imagination. Bringing in a black light might seem like a good idea, but who knows what you'd spot all over the sheets. So next time you check into a hotel, think about looking under your mattress - and don't forget to tip the housekeeping staff. You'll know why after you read through these stories. 


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    Family Trashes Room During Week Stay

    "My mom was a hotel maid, and I worked with her during the summers. I remember one day she was done early with her rooms, so she came to help me finish up, so we could go home. It's always the last freaking room that takes the cake.

    We walked into the room and were automatically hit with the stench of sh*t and vomit. The people staying there were a family of four and were put up because their apartment had flooded or something. Apparently, they had refused cleaning for the last week and now we knew why.

    The bathtub was filled with garbage. One of the walls was smeared with sh*t. Their two-year-old kid had apparently smeared his own [waste] onto the wall, and they just left it like that and it had dried up. There was a corner with a mountain of diapers. The older kid had gotten sick (probably from living in that filth) and had thrown up everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

    My mom and I refused to clean the room. We asked the manager to come and see. It was so disgusting the family got kicked out of the hotel, and we had to call a cleaning company to get the dry [stuff] out of the wall. Child protective services also came and asked us questions.

    Just a complete sh*t show."

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    Housekeeper Quits Upon Seeing Disgusting Room

    "It was a regular day with a slightly smaller than average schedule of rooms for the day, so I was in a good mood. I had 12 rooms that day. Normally, I'd have 14 to 16.

    So I get to my last room, excited to be close to finishing for the day, and I open the door only to be greeted by a grotesque display of everything that is considered repulsive and dangerous to touch. There were - let's see if I remember this right - used condoms... on the bed accompanied by stains... There was blood all throughout the room - too much blood...

    There were used needles... other random... things: empty pill bottles, broken and unbroken liquor bottles, cigarette butts along with ashes and burn marks, plus tons of trash. 

    Then, the bathroom. There was p*ss everywhere. More blood. Vomit in the tub, in and around the toilet and the ceiling. There was vomit on the ceiling. I nope-d out of the room, called the front desk, and asked them to call the police. The cops came to investigate... the room and probably the people who had rented it and checked out. I left for the day.

    The next day rolls around, and I look at my sheet and see that same room. Confused, I go up to the third floor, and I see the room in the same condition minus the drug stuff. Condoms, vomit, blood, bottles, cigarettes, trash - all still there.

    I call the manager and tell them I'm not doing it. It's a job for a biohazard team. They tell me, "Just get what you can. Wipe everything you can off the surfaces. We'll have a fabric cleaner come in for the rest."

    Nope. I quit. I dealt with small amounts of bodily fluids on a daily basis, and I was fine with it, but that was WAY too much to ask of a 17-year-old kid on minimum wage."

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    Bachelor Party Destroys Room

    "A stag party (bachelor party) was staying in the hotel I work in, and they got ridiculously drunk one night before retiring to their rooms. The next day after they checked out, we went in to their room only to be greeted by the foulest smell I've ever experienced. Upon entering, we discovered that the two guys sharing one room had not only vomited, but had sh*t everywhere in this room. All over the beds, the floor, in the bin - some of it was even smeared on the walls.

    I can only imagine that they were so intoxicated that they lost all control of their bodily functions. No wonder they checked out so hastily.

    In conclusion, that room had to be completely refurbished - new beds, new carpet, new paint on the walls. It was weeks before it was usable again. Needless to say, the culprits were contacted and made to pay the cost of damages as they'd obviously tried to escape without blame."

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    Couple Leaves a Few Gifts Behind

    "I dated a girl in college who worked at a local Holiday Inn. I went to pick her up one afternoon, and a guy pointed me down the hall to a room she was cleaning.

    As I got closer, the smell made my nose hairs stand on end, and I almost gagged right there. I pulled my shirt up over my face to keep from puking. She and her coworker came out and simply said, 'Assh*les!"'

    It turns out a couple was in the room and had left two filled condoms [dangling] over the top of the bed lights. The condoms had partially melted and cooked the [contents], which was what the god-awful smell was."

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    Guest Overstays Their Welcome

    "We noticed a smell on a Saturday, but we'd been having problems with our central air system and didn't think about it. Come Monday, one hall smelled horrible. A maid grabbed all the managers when she tried to open a room and smelled something...

    The guest had been dead in there for three days, but he had a chain on the door, and we can't cut it until the "Do Not Disturb"sign has been on the door for at least two days at our hotel.

    I will NEVER forget that smell. We had to replace the carpet, replace the bed, paint the ceiling, everything. Ugh."

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    Guest Checks Out on Christmas Eve

    "My mom was a hotel general manager, and I basically grew up in hotels.

    The worst was a man who hung himself in the hotel room on Christmas Eve. He had driven through the night to see his kids for Christmas, and his ex wouldn't let him see them, so he went back to his hotel room and hung himself.

    My mom is still traumatized over finding his body. After that, she organized a party in the hotel lobby for every Christmas Eve and always invited all the guests to try to get people out of their rooms and to lift their spirits if they were spending Christmas in the hotel."