People Describe The Worst Experiences They've Ever Had With Their Houseguests

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Not every houseguest is gracious, polite, and civilized.

These Redditors are remembering the worst guests they've ever let stay in their home and the terrible things they did.

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    Stole Alcohol And Messed Up The Bathroom

    From Redditor u/amalgamas:

    She stole all of my booze, p*ssed on my couch, tore up the flower bed to the side of my driveway, and destroyed my guest bathroom. This all happened after I'd fallen asleep; she was a guest of a tenant/roommate, and that roommate was told... her friend wasn't allowed over ever again or she'd have to find a new place to live.

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    Used Every Personal Item In The Bathroom

    From Redditor u/Emergency_Slice2487:

    So my paternal aunt came to "visit" my father who was in hospital. She... went to see him for an hour then crashed at our home for a week and never went to see him again. Both of them (she and her husband) [wouldn't] do anything to help me or my mom. My mom had to take care of everything, prepare food for them, then go visit my father, come back, and cook again for them. Those b*stards took over our living room and would spend all day watching television without interacting with others, leaving lights and fans on, and doors open everywhere they went.

    Her husband used every item in the bathroom and polluted everything: soap, razor, trimmer, and even used my TOOTHBRUSH... I'm not joking. After a week of free vacation, they demanded I drop them off at a bus station. I was very sick myself at that time, and we didn't own a car, so I had to drop them off one by one at the station on my bike. I had a 104 degree Fahrenheit fever from stomach infection and that day was... hell for me. If I owned a car back then, I definitely would have had to drop them off at their home 160 kilometers away, for free.

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    Improvised Toilet Paper

    From Redditor u/whos_the_chucker:

    Ran into a guy I used to call a friend and let him stay with me for a while as he was down on his luck. I guess we'd run out of toilet paper so he used a washcloth and left it at the side of the toilet. Kicked him out and found out later he walked away with some of my CDs.

    Some mutual friends let him stay. Against my advice. They came home one day to find him passed out on the couch with his pants around his ankles. After they kicked him out, they found out he'd racked up $900 in phone sex charges.

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    Left A Number Of Disrespectful 'Gifts'

    From Redditor u/Billbap*rno:

    Sister-in-law housesat when we were out of town.

    There were tons of disrespectful presents left for us - a cookie crumb trail of condom wrappers, which led to an actual used condom - like WTF?

    But the worst was after cleaning all that up, which was just aggravating and stupid... there was a putrid smell I couldn't put my finger on. Until I finally opened a draw in the dresser in the guest room - she had left a takeout container in there, half an omelet that had gone rancid.

    I gotta hope she just had to go quick and forgot all that crap was there when she left. Either way, we took our key back from her.

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    Made One Bathroom Mistake After Another

    From Redditor u/F0000r:

    He cranked my dad's speakers up to the max and blew them (they were from the '70s, so impossible to replace or repair). Then he clogged our toilet and grabbed a bunch of... quilts to sop up the water. He then tried to stop the water by... shaking the tank, cracking the bowl, and dislodging it from its base.

    In a panic, he tried to bolt from the house, his wet feet slipped on the wood floor, and he crashed into a wall, leaving a nice body-size impression.

    That's how my brother's friend was barred from the house.

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    Constantly Called 911 As A Prank

    From Redditor u/zerbey:

    That would be the girl visiting my sister-in-law who decided it would be funny to repeatedly prank call 911. I got a very angry call from the local police station saying we either stopped or they'd be sending a squad car over. Apologized profusely to the officer and thanked him for calling us first. She was not invited back to her house; she was 17 and definitely old enough to know better.

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