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The Worst Hurricanes & Tropical Storms Of 2019

Updated 23 Sep 2019 • 2:41pm PDT 1.6k views4 items

The Atlantic hurricane season begins with the start of June, while the Pacific hurricane season begins May 15, but both go through to the end of November. Of course, the weather isn't confined to tidy time ranges and tropical storms can develop any time of year. The 2019 hurricane season is off to a slow start, with the 2019 Pacific hurricane season the latest-starting since 1968, which didn't have a tropical depression form until June 20. In contrast, the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season has already brought one subtropical storm ahead of the expected season, with Subtropical Storm Andrea forming on May 20, 2019. Luckily, Andrea only lasted a day and remained over the water, resulting in no damages to property or life.

The rapidly rotating storm system of a tropical cyclone that forms over an ocean can cause extensive damage as it moves inland. Being aware of the season and being prepared is important for anyone along the coasts. Hurricanes hit vulnerable coastal regions the hardest, losing a lot of their destructive power as they move inland. Although 2019's hurricane season began relatively slow and gently, that doesn't necessarily reflect how it will continue through November.

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