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The Worst In-Season MLB Trades Ever Made

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The trade deadline is a time for MLB teams to get better and potentially make a run at a World Series title. It can also be used as a time to get rid of some of your star players that you know you will not be able to afford to keep. You may also get rid of a player because they are demanding a trade and are unhappy. Whatever the case may be, trades are supposed to help your franchise out in one way or another. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Over the years, mid-season MLB trades have come back to haunt franchises for years to come. These in-season trades are certainly some of the worst MLB trades ever made.

Imagine having Randy Johnson on your team, but you thought he was a little too wild so you got rid of him. Or maybe you had Mark McGwire, but he was just going to be too expensive for you to keep long-term. Tom Seaver was one of the most dominant pitchers of his time, but forced his way out of New York because of a contract dispute. These are just some of the names of players that teams gave up on for various reasons. This list compiles the 20 worst in-season trades in MLB history. Vote up which ones you think are the worst ever.