A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Disturbing, Least Effective Infomercial Products From The 1990s

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Vote up the infomercials with the worst products but the most flair.

The 1990s were packed with all things good: from teen heart-throbs to great cartoons, it was a kid's best time to be alive! From fantastic (and sometimes frightening) toys to some of the best commercials ever made, consumerism was at an all-time level of ridiculousness, and the marketing driving such consumerism was 24/7. Infomercials running all day and night combined with shopping channels and pre-bubble-burst wealth had everyone dropping cash on creative and outlandish products alike. This, of course, led to plenty of funny opportunities for creative advertisers. You have to hand it to the folks selling Great Looking Hair, after all. How'd they do it?! 

Funny infomercials, infomercial fails, and just plain bad infomercial products are fun to revisit and even more fun to vote up and down. What are the best of the worst infomercial products of the 1990s?  The greatest '90s infomercial toys? And, honestly, what (if anything) would you like to see make a comeback? Weigh in and vote up the '90s products that are the most outlandish in purpose, but show themselves off with delightfully entertaining flair, as only the '90s can do.