15 People Reveal The Most Wild Job Interviews They've Had To Prepare You For The Worst

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Workers of the world: vote up the worst interview stories you wouldn't want to replicate.

"Expect the best but prepare for the worst" is a common saying we should all take seriously. If you'd like to know what to prepare for when being interviewed, check out these stories about the worst interview experiences these people have had.

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    The Interviewer Made Inappropriate Comments And Tried To 'Coach' Them

    From Redditor u/marbear77:

    My very first job interview out of college was a doozy. The guy running the entire process would have been my manager had I moved forward, and he got way too personal way too fast. The interview process fell in line with my birthday, and when he asked me what I was doing that weekend, I mentioned I was celebrating. He made all these weird jokes about how I was probably going to get wasted and how he wished he could be a fly on the wall for my party. He called me constantly to try and coach me through the next round of interviews when I truly didn't need the help, but I guess thanks? He berated me for having delivered pizzas before graduating, saying it was a ridiculous job for a woman to have. It was a horrible experience. I stuck with it for a couple of weeks because it was the only prospect who responded, but thank god I found something better.

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    The Company Was An MLM Scheme

    From Redditor u/GaryBuseyWithRabies:

    Went to an interview. It was a group interview for an MLM (multilevel marketing) insurance company: 100% commission and they talked about getting your friends and family signed up. I felt so duped. I walked out at the first opportunity. A few other candidates were furiously taking notes when I left.

    I mean I was desperate for work too, but not stupid.

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    The Interviewer Never Even Showed Up

    From Redditor u/EmployerAdditional28:

    Got past the screening call. Read their brief. Spent three weeks studying their products, leadership principles (one of which is to be the world's best employer...) how they fit into the market, etc. Had the second interview appointment date and time... Sat on the call and waited for the sales director. No one turned up at all. Chime call closed itself after 40 minutes, so [I] emailed the recruitment team to say that I assume we needed to reschedule. Email back 30 minutes later with a rejection for an interview that never took place. Absolute shower of sh*t.

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    The Interviewer Wanted To Talk About Deer Hunting

    From Redditor u/penguinkneez:

    When I was like 16 I went to interview for a front-desk job at an insurance agency. The 50-something man interviewing me asked me, "Do you understand the importance of deer hunting and are you willing to hunt?" We lived in Chicago. I don't even remember what I responded with.

    I have never been so confused in my life. It's been 12 or so years since then and I still think about it periodically.

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    The Interviewer Openly Said He Wouldn't Shop At The Store He Works At

    From Redditor u/Applesauce28:

    I was interviewing for a job at a craft store. The owner said during the interview that he does not believe that the men who shop there are real men. He himself would rather be fishing than be working at his own store. I have never been so happy to not get hired.

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    The Interviewer Called Them A Liar

    From Redditor u/Notmiefault:

    When I was in college, I interviewed for an internship with a billion-dollar company. Without giving me any heads-up or warning, the interview was a hostile one, where one of the interviewers was rude and abrasive the entire time - he looked bored/disinterested, scoffed at several of my answers, and even called me a liar after I said I was happy to work anywhere.

    I get that some jobs require a person to regularly deal with rude customers, but this was for an internal position with zero customer interaction and no direct reports (never mind the lack of warning). They called a week later, congratulating me on a good first interview and wanting to schedule a follow-up. I told them no thank you.

    A buddy did an internship with them the following year and hated it, saying they treated him like cattle. If they're willing to treat you like sh*t in the interview, they're willing to treat you like sh*t once you're hired.

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