Anime Underground 18 Times Anime Characters Spoke English (And We Couldn't Help But Laugh)  

Nida Sea
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Anime dubs are hard to pull off, whether you're going from Japanese to English or vice versa. So when the villain looks super bad*ss in an intense scene and they suddenly shout a line in a terrible English accent, the seriousness just melts into ridiculousness that makes you cringe, laugh, or cry. If you're an avid anime fan, you've probably witnessed a fair share of anime dubs with bad accents. 

Dubs aren't all bad - whether it be the best English dubbed anime or just a simple English line in a Japanese subbed anime, a few studios pull off smooth voice acting. In fact, American dubs have been successful enough in the past that fans have asked for Western audio in awesome anime that never got an English dub. However, it can't be denied that terrible dubs can ruin a scene.

For English-speaking fans, it can be amusing when a character whips out their "wow-so-good-at-English" card, only to speak in an anime American accent that just isn't intelligible. In fact, some of these accents are so bad that they’re pretty cute. Others may make you bust a gut.

Now, there's no disrespect to the Japanese voice actors. In fact, speaking the English language correctly is even hard for some Americans! So, you have to give props to the various Japanese voice actors who are doing their best to give characters in anime American accents. Here, for your amusement, is a fun compilation of Japanese voice actors who did their best at voicing American accents in some of your favorite anime series. Vote up the most terrible English accents in anime that just didn't hit the mark. 

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Rintaro Okabe From Steins;Gate

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Redd White From Ace Attorney

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Chiba International High School Foreign Competitors From Chihayafuru

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